Thursday, January 28, 2010

when life-sized meets 12th scale.

this is a somewhat short story of a happy happy collaboration. :)

So I chanced upon this extremely pretty life-sized cake on Flickr one day, and was immediately amazed with PetalsweetCakes' entourage of wonderful photos, especially in the area of sugarpaste flowers.

 A wave of inspiration hit me and I was really eager to start sculpting a miniature one, just like hers. And so in my Flickr comment where I gushed crazily about her talent, I also sought for her permission to 'copy' her cake design.

(it's sad that 'copy' is now a bad word, all thanks to the abusers.)

 Jacqueline, the owner of PetalsweetCakes, sent me a lovely Flickr mail and soon enough, I got to sculpting on the miniature version!

Elegant Peony Cake in 12th scale.

 As I gently sculpted peony petal after peony petal, I thought the final peony looked big enough.

But alas! (hahaha, somehow I feel like an old pirate saying that.) The miniature peony is still significantly smaller than the real-life peony.

 For a while, I was engaged in a futile search for miniature ribbons, which Jacqueline had wrapped around the life-sized cake. And so I could only sculpt in the likeness of sugarpaste ribbons, in as close a color shade as I could match with the life-sized ribbons.

Even with all of the deviations from the different cakes, I was mighty pleased with my finished sculpt. Well, I did not plan for the cakes to look entirely alike, as the Elegant Peony Cake was more of an inspired piece than an exact replica. :)

The miniature cake measures at 1.7cm in height (from top of peony to cake base), and 1.5cm in diameter.

But I'm sure the life-size cake must taste a billion times better than its miniature version! :)

If you live in La Jolla, California, you ought to contact Jacqueline for her fabulous sugarpaste flower designs! They are mindblowingly amazing, just go look at her Flickr photos!
If you're interested in learning how to make your own, she is also preparing to be a teacher in sugarpaste decorations, so go ahead and contact her!

Damn, I wish I lived near you too, Jacqueline!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is BEAUTIFUL! You did such a wonderful job on the peony. What a funny coincidence, too, because I just bought a book on how to make clay flowers :)

  2. love the your cake! the flower looks very beautiful! =)

  3. omg joce !! the flower is SO pretty ! it's so intricately done !!

  4. H Jocelyn! Love your post! Thanks for making such a beautiful version of the peony cake! Love it! Jacqueline

  5. thank you girls! :)

    Mo, oh do show your clay flowers after you've completed them alright! :)

    PetiteCreation, thank you so much! i love your avatar!

    di, BABUU!! :D awww you're the sweetest!

    Jacqueline, thank YOU so much! loving your post too! :)

  6. It looks so real. I'm completely amazed by all the little details you're able to capture on such a small scale!