Saturday, December 31, 2011

AiMail - the launch! (and a peek)


Silly me has forgotten to add this important condition for the promotion. Free worldwide shipping will apply only to orders amounting to at least SGD20.  Please forgive all the hiccups with this first issue of AiMail!

*if your bigcartel order is less than SGD20 but you want to commission me so that total order is at least SGD20, the promotion will still apply. Please write me an email before 6 Jan, so that I can make a special listing for you!


It's the last hour of 2011! But can I admit, I'm a lot more excited for AiMail than I am about 2012. :)

So I finished sending out all copies of AiMail to all subscribers once it hit 31st December 2011, and since it is the very first issue, I think I should show everyone else what a copy of AiMail looks like. 

Of course the discount code is exclusive only for the subscribers so it was left out of the copy here. I will only send out AiMail to last-minute subscribers till 5 Jan 2012, so email me or click here now if you want to enjoy free-shipping!

-cue slow, sappy music for emotional rant ahead.
I have always wanted to give back to all of you lovely supporters of AiClay, and I want to do it before the year ended. 2011 was a year when I dived into AiClay full-time and devoted my time and energies into building it. When I'm not sculpting, I'm taking miniature photoshoots, or checking my website statistics, or playing Bejewelled discussing with my customers about their miniature commissions.

Maybe you comment on my Flickr photos, or read my blog posts, or check in my store for updates, or a first-time visitor wondering who is this girl who has giant fingers and makes everything look tiny (what a scam tskk). For all of you, I wish for the very best new year ahead of us, in happiness and health. I felt that the best way to show my appreciation for your support during this year is to give free worldwide shipping! I think a part of me feels like for a while, we could pretend we were all next-door-neighbours and forget if we are separated by sea and mountains. I hope I'm making sense haha.


I worked really hard at the design of AiMail and love that it has my happy colours in there, but there are many more improvements I can see in future issues. I would definitely include more exclusive, personal AiClay information inside, and hold a variety of promotions for different issues.

I have forgotten to include that free worldwide shipping INCLUDES tracking, so while that is going to burn my wallet, I would rather be assured that my customers receive their packages safely.

So please keep the subscriptions coming, AiMail will only get better! and a happy new 2012 to YOU! ♥

P.S All subscriptions that I receive after 5 Jan 2012 will qualify to receive the second and future issues of AiMail.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December . white rose on silver band.

I've always thought December was a month of relaxation and fun and savoring the last weeks before the new year swings by.

But I thought wrong, obviously. As we get closer to the end of December, the things I have to do are just piling up a lot faster than I can finish them. And there are useless pursuits I keep succumbing to like Bejewelled and lazing in bed. Very bad joce, very bad. :(

I was whirling with fulfilling all the Christmas orders before I flew to Bangkok, and then it was JY's birthday and then christmas gatherings and more orders and I have an unfinished book to return to the public library by.. (searches for loan receipt and realises the due date is today)


The white rose on a silver band, is quite like what my initial impression of December should be -

serene and calming.


I know this isn't a food miniature, but once in a while I do love to sculpt non-food items (not too often though). Plus it's always good practice for commissions like miniature cakes with fondant flowers on top. ♥ 

I really like the ring, and would definitely sculpt more next time. Maybe a different flower, a different colour. Some have expressed interest in earrings with the flowers, which I think would look as awesome. 

By the way, it's an adjustable silver ring, so it fits all ring sizes.

 I hope your December has been less hectic as mine, and you get time to reflect and ponder about what you've done in 2011 and what you wish to accomplish in 2012.

As for me, I'm off to get in a game (or five) of Bejewelled before bedtime. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Squawk! (penguin macarons)

Move over, plain flat round macarons! Animal macarons are all the rage now.

Personally when it comes to real foods, I avoid buying foods with faces. Because I don't think I could ever bear to bite into them!

Wow, just noticed it's past 3am (again!) and I really don't want to delay my bedtime any longer.

So I'm going to let the photos do the talking. :)

If you follow my twitter/facebook feed, you'll know that I've been going a tad crazy working on the christmas orders. 

This is so that I can get all the orders packaged and sent to my customers before I leave for Bangkok for a short trip till 26th December! All mails and orders will be attended to then, but I promise to try to check my mailbox everyday while in Bangkok. ♥

A last announcement, the launch date for AiMail would be on New Year's Eve - 31st December 2011. ♥

Which means that gives you exactly two more weeks to subscribe!

Monday, December 12, 2011

the start to a crazy week. (apples)

I wish I was over-exaggerating.

But let's see, from now till Sunday, I have 

  1. four orders due for completion ( totally not complaining about this ♥ )
  2. gatherings with friends
  3. a Wicked musical
  4. a miniature cookie workshop
  5. and a movie event where I get to be Santa's elf haha

That's a lot happening within 7 days. At least to me.

And then I have to pack, ready to leave for Bangkok come early morning on Monday. That, I'm pretty excited! ♥

Maybe I should write less and just jump to the photos then. 

Here is an order for a variety of miniature apples I sculpted in 1/3 scale, fits SD-sized (50-70cm) dolls.

with a bite. perfect & whole. bitten to the core. shrunken & wrinkled.

Bambi is helping me with modelling the apples again, her glum expression tells me that I might need to hire someone larger instead. Hm.

Monday is beckoning. Goodnight everyone, I wish all of you a fulfilling week! ♥

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a Christmas month.

Everybody knows Christmas isn't just a one-day affair. Or twelve days.

It lasts a whole month. Once December 1st hits, christmassy songs start playing on radio, the artificial trees go up in malls and you see gingerbread men everywhere.

Okay so the last one is probably true only here at AiClay.

Lately, I have been receiving many orders for these little guys, and people are requesting them to be made into everything - earrings, pendants, even brooches.

Thankfully I really like making them. ♥ Certainly on my top 3 favourite things to sculpt.

Lastly, I still want to thank all of the incoming subscriptions to AiMail, definitely want to get it out to all of you for the new year sales.

And another thing is that I would be travelling to Bangkok in exactly two weeks, can't wait because I do miss that place. ♥