Special Listing FAQ

How do I know if I can send in special requests for a customised work?
Just go to the tab "Are Special Listings open?"!

How do I get a Special Listing? 
Just email me at buzz@aiclay.com!

What do I include in the email?
Please provide a brief description of the items you want commissioned. If you require certain details, reference photos or specific descriptions/measurements will be appreciated. Otherwise, I will use my aesthetic judgement if required.

What happens after I apply for a Special Listing?
I might ask you for more information about your commission if needed. If not, I would send you a confirmed quote for the commissioned items.

When do I pay you? 
I will set up a special listing for you on my website (aiclay.com). Please purchase it and make payment within 24 hours upon receiving my confirmed quotation, unless you have discussed a longer timeframe with me. I reserve the right to cancel your order after 24 hours of non-payment.

What are your prices?
As every special listing is different, it is impossible for me to list prices. Prices reflect the amount of time and effort it would take for me to sculpt your order. You can get a sense of my prices by going to my website. As every item is handmade individually, please only send in commissions if you are comfortable with the pricing. No bargaining would be entertained, to keep it fair for both me and you.

When will I receive my Special Listing?
Usually, it's 7 working days from date of payment, but if I require a longer working period, I would inform you before you make payment. So that you can decide if you want to go ahead with the commission only if you're comfortable with the waiting period.

Can I commission you for anything?
Mostly, I only sculpt miniature food items which can be made into props/displays or accessories. The general rule is, if the real life versions can be eaten, I should be able to accept your commission.

However, if you have something non-food related, you can still send in your request and we'll see if we can work something out.

Also, I would not accept Special Listings for copyrighted designs, for example rilakkuma, disney characters etc. I would hate to have someone use my designs without permission, so I do not want to violate their designs as well.

Please understand that I reserve the right to reject your Special Listing as there are some miniature items that I cannot make due to complexity, size or functional aspects.

Would you take progress photos? 
Taking photos slow down the sculpting process a lot, so the answer is no. However, I would snap a photo of the finished item though before I send it off, so that you can see it while waiting for the package to arrive.

Unless the finished product differs from what we've agreed on, I would not be able to conduct any refunds/exchanges. 


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