Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodness of Wheat

I hope you've had a wholesome breakfast on this lovely Sunday morning! :)

These breads were made entirely of polymer clay by me, and they make me want to go grab some at a local bakery right now! :)

Below: Criss-cross bun! Or tic-tac-toe buns as kids know them. :)

Below: Crispy plain croissant!

Below: Traditional french baguette with diagonal cuts!

Below: Traditional french baguette!

Below: Hot cross buns! :) I know artisans shouldn't have favourites of their creations, but these teeny breads are my fav in the lot. :)

and a last photo for size reference to a ten-cents coin! :)

Look out for the pastry rings, earrings and necklace charms coming up soon! :)

Local Delights!

I just got a commision of ketupat earrings and dumpling earrings, here they are! :) Entirely handmade by me with polymer clay.

The Chinese dumplings are a bit late for the Dumpling Festival just a few days ago, but personally I feel it's always a good time to bite into that savoury plump glutinous rice treat!

The Malay ketupats (I always like to have a little along with my satay! It's a good balance between the sweet sataymeat and simple goodness of ricecake.) were weaved with green and white leaves.

A sneak peek into my workspace

During the making of ketupats! It's usually much messier than this though. :)

On the cheery sunflower tablecloth, there're two boxes, one with my tools and another holding all my coloured clays. Then I've got a mini laptop in front of me, as it's always useful to sculpt my clay with the pictures (google is my friend :)) in front of me.

Then of course you've got my little workspace, a marble tile which I can't do without! :)

This was the ketupat weave, entirely using polymer clay. It was backbreaking work to carefully weave the fragile thin strips of polymer clay into each other, took a few hours. But at least now I can say I've weaved clay before! :)

Hope you like the small bit of behind-the-scenes! :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Edited as of 7Nov 2009: 
These strawberries were old sculpts, see here for new sculpts! :)

Strawberries are just so POPPING RED! :)

Those seemingly humongous beasts at the back are actually normal-sized strawberries. It's just that they look crazily big when pictured with the miniature berries!

I'm currently addicted to making miniature strawberries! They're so awfully cute and petite, and look awesome when heaped together!

this is how my plateful of strawberries look like in the day, BEAUTIFUL clouds at the back eh?? I never knew Singapore's sky could look that pretty!

strawberries bathed in warm glorious sunrays.

Do expect loads of strawberry-related items (strawberry pastries, strawberry ice creams etc) in the shop soon! :) Email me with any strawberry-related ideas! That'll be hugely appreciated!


Custom item: Birthday chinchilla in grass scene

No.. it's not a mouse. it's a CHINCHILLA!

this sweet fella is looking up at you with its big droopy eyes, and saying in a small voice, "Please don't take my cake away." AWWW.

And speaking of the cake, it's a STRAWBERRY cake! (didn't I just tell you i'm currently obsessed with strawberries. HEH.) It's the one featured in a few entries ago, with strawberry slices. But now it's got pretty pink frosting spelling out a birthday greeting to the lucky girl, who'll be receiving this present from my very sweet buyer! :)

He wears a lovely party hat with hearts all round! Juicy sugar-glazed strawberries are strewn all over the freshly cut grass patch.

He's got cake crumbs all over his little paws, bless the tiny fella!

All wrapped up in the giftbox along with a thankyou card, and ready to head to his new home!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Copyright Issues

Hi all, you might have seen some of my previous works are based on cartoon characters and lately I've been wondering if I've unknowingly broken some copyright laws. After some research, it turns out I unfortunately have.

Being a sculptor myself, I regard any other sculptor (whether he/she is the creator of Mickey Mouse, or a more unknown item) with high respect and fondness as I understand the tears and sweat behind creating a work of any medium. Therefore, I am very apologetic to the creators of the copyright characters that I have used in my works (not that I think they'll ever read this actually. :P) and would like to promise that in all of my future works, I will not create works based on copyrighted characters.

To my lovely customers, this sadly means that I will not be able to accept orders which are based on recreating famous characters. I hope you all will understand! :)

If you are in doubt if your ideas are infringing copyright laws, feel free to email me and I will advise you. :)

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sawadeeka! :)

I'm back from the land of smiles! And it's not just a pretty publicity stunt to call Thailand that, Thai people are generally very lovely. :)
Anyway, here are the photos as promised of the cutesy cupcake earrings!

For sale: Baby Devil's food Cake (pink or blue cupcake wrappers)
at $8/pair (incl. loop earrings and a pair of cupcakes)

Creamy vanilla frosting on a rich chocolate cake, wrapped in baby pink and blue cupcake wrappers.

Unfortunately my business hasn't expanded to an extent that I can hire this gorgeous caucasian to model my earrings. Ermm, it's from a magazine page. :D It's really hard to photograph my own ears so here's a much better alternative!

Custom item: Pink Strawberry Meringue Cake

It's the rose meringue cakes with a heavy infusion of strawberry! Fresh strawberry slices were mixed in the luscious milky cream which is frozen and forms the middle of the cake. Light cream was spread all over the cake and a pair of sugar glazed strawberries sit on top.

Email me with any enquiries! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Purple Pig!

It's less than 24 hours before I'll be jetting off, away from Singapore!
-hops around excitedly. :)

Custom item: Purple piggy

Some may recognise this piggy from an entry months ago. The purple darling caught the eye of a customer and here's a remake for her! The piggies do have different expressions though, this one looks perpetually shocked, like someone just told her the truth about bacon. TOO CUTE.

I have a few realistic baby cupcake earrings sitting in the cabinet, waiting to be yours! But there's very bad lighting now since it's night time (and I don't like using flash), so I'll probably take some photos tomorrow. :)

But I'll probably need all the time I have to pack, so if I don't update then, do look out for those cupcake babies (they're in sweet light blues and pinks) by next week! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello everyone!

My exams are over for good, and I can finally dedicate all my energies to my shop! :)

Check out the tall order of boxes in just one of my orders! It's always thrilling when I have returning customers, especially when they purchase so much at one go! :)

All of the love-related items in her order!
4 pairs of hearts&swirls earrings, and one hearts&swirls handphone charm.

I'm constantly on the lookout for things I could photograph my items with, and I found these classic teapot and blue-washed ceramic plate in the photos above, never even knew my house had them! :)

Corny Earrings

Everyone's got ONE corny friend. The one in the group who's constantly spewing jokes that makes everyone groan and go "arghhhh, NOT FUNNYY." while secretly laughing inside at his/her silliness.

So to the one (it might be you!) who's never given up on trying to crack people up whilst being groaned at every single time, this creation is for you. :)

As with all my earrings which I model, you get a brand new pair of loops attached due to hygiene concerns.

Email me at with any enquiries! :)

(or if you've got any corny jokes to share, i'm all ears.)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Little Marcus

There was a poem of a bird and a leaf.

Marcus the littlest baby of the brood,
wearing the brightest colour of the sun one could.
Little marcus had a friend,
a lonely leaf the momma hen sent.

That fateful day the sun didn't shine,
but the rain came and the winds blew unkind.
Little marcus saw his leaf sway,
it jumped with the wind and drifted to the bay.
Little marcus flew with his tiny wings,
faster than he ever could in all his dreams.

He stayed with his friend,
and the winds soon died.
and the two of them were inseparable since.

Little marcus and his friend.

the end.