Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello everyone!

My exams are over for good, and I can finally dedicate all my energies to my shop! :)

Check out the tall order of boxes in just one of my orders! It's always thrilling when I have returning customers, especially when they purchase so much at one go! :)

All of the love-related items in her order!
4 pairs of hearts&swirls earrings, and one hearts&swirls handphone charm.

I'm constantly on the lookout for things I could photograph my items with, and I found these classic teapot and blue-washed ceramic plate in the photos above, never even knew my house had them! :)

Corny Earrings

Everyone's got ONE corny friend. The one in the group who's constantly spewing jokes that makes everyone groan and go "arghhhh, NOT FUNNYY." while secretly laughing inside at his/her silliness.

So to the one (it might be you!) who's never given up on trying to crack people up whilst being groaned at every single time, this creation is for you. :)

As with all my earrings which I model, you get a brand new pair of loops attached due to hygiene concerns.

Email me at with any enquiries! :)

(or if you've got any corny jokes to share, i'm all ears.)

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