Friday, July 22, 2011

A quick goodbye! (and tarts)

Another hasty goodbye (I seem to write a lot of these last minute goodbye travel posts) before I leave for Hokkaido.

Leaving you with a photo of tarts.

A trio of 1/3 scale berry tartlets, with a heavy sprinkling of powdered sugar.

See you in August! :)
P.S I might not be able to check my emails when I'm overseas, I'll respond to all emails once I'm back! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Gingerbread house - the roof.

Guess what, I actually sat on that paper prototype minutes after I typed the previous entry. :/
Anyhow, here's the gingerbread house skeleton, made of miniature gingerbread now.

And here's the roof, all decked in miniature pastel disc sweets. :)

Moving on! :) Feel free to throw in inspiration for the house, I know I need them!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gingerbread house - prototype

Wow I'm surprised by my patience for this gingerbread house project. 
I actually made a paper prototype before making the actual house.

Coincidentally it is sitting on a chocolate box from Hokkaido (yay!). :)

It's for a gingerbread house workshop by the way. I shall head back to work on it! :)

P.S I asked for feedback on my independent store in AiClay's facebook page. Please leave any feedback regarding appearance, ease of shopping, etc for the store, either here or on the facebook page. Thank you! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Miniature bread basket workshop.

Such a beautiful Monday. 

I managed to drag my lazy self to run this morning, and received wonderful news later in the day. I'll reveal it at the end of the post.

For now, here's a miniature bread basket I made for one of my workshops. If you'll like to learn to make your own, do contact me at! :)

Hot cross buns studded with juicy raisins.
Freshly sliced crispy baguette.
Croissants drizzled with rich chocolate sauce.

As for the good news, here it is.

I will be travelling to Hokkaido, Japan in 2 weeks! It is an extremely last minute decision, and I am beyond excited! It will also be my first time travelling with my grandparents without my parents, definitely going to cherish the time with them! :)

Just look at what came up on Google images when I searched 'Hokkaido in summer'.

Can you blame me for being overly-ecstatic?? :) 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gingerbuddies, and a tea party.

This will be a short one. Shorter blog posts, but more frequent, how about that? :)

Gingerbuddies! 1/3 and 1/12 scale miniature gingerbread men. :)

The bigger one used to look like this, when it was still unfrosted.

I just attended a birthday tea party, and had the chance to taste many items which I've made or seen in miniature, but never in real life! A couple of photos to share.

A section of the teatime spread. For the local readers, this is the Ritz Carlton teatime buffet. :)

After 2.5hours of gorging down our money's worth of desserts and pastries, we had a messy, but colourful table. 

It's been a few hours since the buffet, and my stomach is rumbling now. That's the cue for me to sleep my hunger pangs away, goodnight! :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Craft with me. :)

{cues drumroll}

..was history in the making. 
{dramatic pause}

A milestone for this humble site.
{deep breath}

A reason for euphoric celebration.

Let's go straight to the point, shall we?

Today, AiClay held its very first crafting workshop ever, with the lovely Fereen. I snapped some photos of this joyous event with her permission. That's Fereen in the photos below.

The three hours sped past, with us cutting, texturing, shading. I shared my tips and methods, she shared her stories of school and life. :)

I've always gotten lucky with my firsts. I remember my first AiClay customer to be a French lady who was simply the sweetest customer yet, I won grand prize at a lucky draw at my first exhibition, and now Fereen - really my pleasure to have at my first workshop.

Are you keen on peeking behind the curtains of the miniature food-making process. :) I know we'll have loads of fun as I craft alongside with you. Plus, you'll have a darling creation to bring home. :)

Please email me for rates and include your project of choice!