Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Six portions of Rose Meringue cake slices.

This is a fresh batch of Rose Meringue cake baked, yup the very same cake many drooled over a few posts ago! :)

Good things should be shared, so I've cut them into six generous slices!

They'll look really adorable dangling off one's ears! :)

Perfect for the girl who's got a weakness for cakes, or as a morale boost for the one who's going through a no-carbs dieting plan.

Here are the 2 choices for earrings - Short loops (top photo), or long loops (bottom photo).

I won't be baking anymore of these cakes till about TWO months later,


email me at joce_1987@hotmail.com, and remember to indicate short/long loops. :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Earrings Harvest

Custom Item: Lolly with a ribbon
Lollies in cotton candy pink and blue hues, wearing cute matching ribbons!

S-WEET! :)

Custom Item: Bowl 'em over

Classic bowling pins with initials.

Donuts without the calories :)

Just a little montage of the donuts I've made so far. :)

Betty Donuts!

Cotton Candy donuts!

All lined up and looking delish. :)


Thursday, March 19, 2009




Due to the long list of pending orders and hectic school schedule, any custom orders accepted from now on will be only made/processed AFTER 12th April.

This does not apply for in-stock items (meaning anything that's specified to be on sale, e.g Betty donuts.).

Thank you all for your generous support! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rose Meringue Cake

I've neglected this space for quite a bit, but I have been working very hard at the shop and trying to get better materials like clay and varnishes!

All the products before this blog entry were made with premium Korean airdry clay, JumpingClay. But I've got a new love in my life! Ovenbake polymer clay! :)

My mom generously sponsored me a oven dedicated to polymer clay as a way of supporting my business, and I got to work straight away last night, only sleeping at sunrise. :(

WARNING: if you have a sweet tooth and a weakness for pretty things, don't stare at the below photos for too long.


Rose Meringue Cake

Rose-flavoured mousse cake with a thick layer of strawberry jelly. Light pink sugar pearls are sprinkled on the dollop of fresh cream all around the cake.

Serves five! :)

This will be for my personal collection for their sentimental value, because they're the very first cakes I've made with ovenbake clay! The entire cake only measures 2cm across it, really very precious in real life.

I will be making many more of these to come, they're PERFECT for earrings (imagine those delicious cake slices hanging off your ears!), necklace charms, handphone straps, magnets! Or even just as a really lovely ornament piece!

They could be customised according to your preference, or made in likeness to a photo of a cake you'll like to remember (like the one at your wedding, 21st birthday, anniversary).

Email me at joce_1987@hotmail.com with your description! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

The sweets and the vices.

The blogshop's undergoing a bit of a facelift, so don't fret if you refresh the page and the website looks all over the place! :P

Renovation works should complete by tonight. :)


Custom item: Squirrel on grass

A bashful squirrel presenting the acorn (seen in previous post) to his new owner (who is a very lucky girl about to receive this lovely surprise package).
He stands on a tuft of grass,
with a white coin with name of new owner painted on.

Custom Item: Rainbow Firefly babies

Bugs can be cute too! Swoon over their endearing little smiles, and brightly coloured wings.
There are thirteen baby fireflies in all, which is an auspicious number in their little bug world. :)

All the little bugs will be later attached to handphone straps and the buyer confided that they will be presented as gifts to 13 very lucky people.

A little photo montage of how the bugs were crafted!

I love the splash of colours!

All that hard work in kneading and experimenting to get the right mix of colours
was well worth it.

They all seem to have unique smiles and personalities.

That's the beauty with handmaking everything. :)

This is the teeniest of the colorful bunch, and it measures in at less than half a 10cent coin!

Custom Item: Snoopy Lovedogs

Well, we've got lovebirds, why not lovedogs.
They both proudly carry a plaque declaring the blissful couple's important date and intials. :)

This is intended for a anniversary gift to a husband, how sweet! :)

Before they picked up each other's hearts.

Note the tiny wagging tail!


BUT, it's not all fluffy clouds and cute squirrels in the real world we live in.

So once in a while, I get orders that truly reflect life in its entirety. :)


Custom Item: Mahjong Earrings

This is one vice I'm occasionally guilty of. :P

The words on these miniature mahjong tiles were carved, and then painted, so GUESS WHAT. you can even MO PAI! (meaning to feel the tiles, so you know what tile you've drawn without looking.)

Wear them for your next mahjong allnighter and wow your mahjong kakis! :)
Why do I have this feeling this earrings are going to be a huge hit in our mahjongcrazy-culture. :P

Custom Item: Cigarette

This uncanny resemblance of a close to lifesize cigarette stick will have you itching to light it up.
Resist the urge! :P

This is one photo galore of a post!

Happy shopping, and email me! :)
-love, joce.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Care for Item

Edited on 7 November 2009: I only use polymer clay for my works now. 

Before using your newly bought items for the first time, take a few minutes to read through this section! It will provide you with useful tips in ensuring the creation remains in perfect condition forever! :)

I use two types of clay for my creations - Korean airdry clay 'Jumping Clay' & ovenbake polymer clay (Sculpey III & Premo Sculpey). Different clays involve different techniques of sculpting etc, so I will choose the more appropriate clay to use after careful consideration of a specific project.

Both clays are certified to be non-toxic, but for safety purposes (choking hazard) should never be consumed. If this does happen accidentally, please consult a doctor straight away, especially if any symptoms occur.

Depending on which clay is used, texture and weight of item will differ. With Jumping Clay, the item will have a softer, almost marshmallowy feel with it as it is an airdry clay. Item will get harder (although never to rockhard state) with time as the water in clay will gradually evaporate. Items created with Jumping Clay will be slightly lighter.

With ovenbake polymer clay, items will feel rock hard, with a ceramic look due to its ovenbake nature. Items created with polymer clay will be slightly heavier than Jumping Clay.

If the item is created with Jumping Clay,

  • avoid any contact of item with water, or any other liquid substances. (e.g. sweat) This may cause discoloration. In cases where water does get in contact with item, immediately use dry cloth to dab away at item until it is fully dry.
  • do not intentionally press/poke/squeeze item with immense pressure
  • do not intentionally scratch at surfaces of item with sharp articles
  • do not intentionally bend delicate features (hands/legs etc) at awkward angles
  • do not place items on extremely hot surfaces or surroundings
  • item will not crack even after prolonged knocks on hard surfaces
  • to remove dust which may settle on item, use a soft brush to gently brush off the dust
If the item is created with ovenbake polymer clay,
  • it is okay to get the items wet as polymer clay is nonreactive to water
  • do not intentionally scratch at surfaces of item with sharp articles
  • do not intentionally bend delicate features (hands/legs etc) at awkward angles
  • although polymer clay is an extremely strong clay, prolonged knocks against hard surfaces might still result in small cracks in items.
  • do not place items on extremely hot surfaces or surroundings
  • to remove dust which may settle on item, use a soft brush to gently brush off the dust or dip item in cold water before letting it airdry
Email me at joce_1987@hotmail.com with any questions!

Monday, March 2, 2009

the L word

It was my dear friend Nikki's 21st birthday party!
And I decided to create a necklace for her, based on her favourite word - 'love'.

A bottlecap topped with a silver-ringed swarovski crystal,
with that all too familiar 4-letter word.
A big rose-coloured heart (with a teenyweeny white heart) is added to jazz up this pretty piece.

Nikki, that's my own necklace chain, so don't worry! Yours is totally brand new, I swear. :)

She added that she can't live without love.

That I agree. How about you? :)