Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Macarons in pastel shades.

To everyone who voted for the macaron design, thank you! Unfortunately my printer is out of ink (again!), so I can only show the finalised design when I manage to get it up and running.

I didn't want to leave the blog stagnant till then though, so here are some photos of the macarons, without the boxes.

Macarons in baby colours are awfully pretty, don't you think?

I imagine the flavors to be raspberry (light pink), rose (pink), vanilla (white), purple (lavender).

You know how pretty food items always turn out weird-tasting. And I used to think rose-flavored macarons would taste strange too, but after having the luxury of biting into a Pierre Hermé's rose macaron (courtesy of my good friend who brought back a box from Paris), I knew I was wrong.

Mmmmm, it was so good. That wafery crunch, and the sweet taste of floral goodness. mmmm.

Here is my favourite item to make - a bowl of melted chocolate. It's all I can do to not lick that tiny spoon.

 A fat glass jar of assorted macarons - there's green tea and chocolate in there too, can you spot them?

Each macaron is 0.4cm in diameter. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

cursive, or straight?

My oh my, it's been a month since my last post. -frowns upon self.

I know there are still some of you (namely me and some very bored people :P ) who come back in here almost everyday, because I check my hits regularly. You're probably thinking that I should be devoting time to blogging instead of checking my page hits, and you're probably right. Enough of the self-chiding, just know I really appreciate all of you who bother to pop in AiClay once in a while alright? :)

Although I must say I was a good girl this weekend, and churned out lots of miniature macarons, and am itching to share them with you all!

BUT, I have a problem.

You see, I went a little wild making macarons, and decided to make a little baking-macarons scene, along with macaron boxes as well. And then I got stuck while designing my macaron packaging.

I can't decide on the font for the macaron box packaging- cursive, or straight! 30 minutes into looking at all the different font samples for 'macaron' (try it at dafont), the word ceased to look like itself, if you get what I mean.

You know. How words look all weird and foreign when you've looked at them for too long? Or is it just me?

Anyway, so I really need you all to comment and tell me if you prefer the cursive or the straight font (left and right respectively in photo above) on the macaron packaging. Pretty please? :) 

In the meantime, pardon me for keeping all my macarons in hiding for now. Oh wait, some frilly feet (of the macarons) escaped in the first photo, oh well. :)