Friday, November 22, 2013

Wrapping up the year, crafting with you guys.

I'm finally recovering from the mother of all sore throats, just yesterday I could barely swallow! Thankfully I feel way better today, and I'm here to share the final few craft workshops I have planned for the final two months of 2013!

I'll be taking a break after these workshops, also in preparation for my big US trip end of year! :)

The first one is happening TOMORROW, so if you're keen get those fingers moving and email me at to register for slots pronto!

Then we have another product of the minion craziness, now you can make YOUR own little fellow! They can be made into ornaments to hang on a Christmas tree as well, perfect for gift-giving this season.

Finally, we're wrapping up the workshops with one of my favourite content to teach, because it is just so much fun to assemble the many layers just like how you would in a real sandwich. Note that the sandwich can be made into a necklace charm (Necklace chain will be provided by me) as well!

Somehow all these planning makes me feel like the year is already over, but hey we still have a good few weeks to go. And I have friends and family all down with flu and fever, so do drink more water water, get more rest and stay warm (if your country is blessed with seasons). :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Reds and greens. { miniature nyonya kueh }

We're celebrating the arrival of Christmas in a slightly different way this year. Pastry kuehs all decked out in the seasonal colours.

Well, a lot of you have been asking for a workshop where we'll get to make the miniature nyonya kuehs together, so here we go!  

Register early for the workshop, I'll be bringing some real-life, delicious kueh for us to dig into while we craft as well! 

Email me at, and don't forget about the bring-a-friend discount! 

Note that this workshop is 2 hours, and costs $55/pax (before discount).

Thursday, November 7, 2013

One last round of minion adoption! :)


If you've been keeping tabs on my Minion Adoption Project, then you would know that there's one LAST adoption phase. After giving a sneak peek to all my AiMail subscribers 2 weeks ago, I can finally reveal it all to you guys now.

The 50 limited miniature minions have already been sent out to their respective new owners. But due to the many customisation features of the minions and some mix-up (whoops), it turns out I have a few more little fellows for adoption! They are just as adorable as the rest of the crew, and would make lovely Christmas presents!  From the picture you can also tell who is made into a charm (with the metal loop), and who is decorative.

The adoption cost is at SGD59/piece for all of them except Chester, Daniel and Gregory who are SGD69/piece. I am offering free worldwide shipping (registered mail) for the minions as well.

$5/minion will be donated to Hope for Dogs still. :)

I have lined them up for a photo so that you will get exactly what you see, and I've given them names too! Email me at and let me know which minion/s you would like.

Remember that there is only one of each left, so it's first come first served.

*Bart, Ian, Elson, Frank and Howie have already been adopted, do act quickly!