Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just 15 minutes on the telly..

.. can change a lot. :) In a good way. 

Before I write more about what has been going on ever since the TV coverage of AiClay, let me share this piece of exciting news. We have passed the half way mark for The Little-Minions-Save-the-World Project! Which means there are only 20+ minions left to be adopted (I'm only making 50), so act quickly! :)


So for the uninformed, AiClay was featured on an episode of 逐梦者 - Off The Path yesterday at 9pm on Channel U, a local television station. 

Too many cringe-worthy moments in the episode, and please remember that the interview was entirely unrehearsed, which means I blurted out whatever came to mind haha. One classic lame line by me was. 

“一个手数得完 (referring to number of full time local miniature food artists), 所以少过五个。” 

Translation: "can be counted with just one hand, so there are less than 5." 

Alright so it doesn't sound as bad as it did when I first heard the words spill out of my mouth on national tv, but it was such a 'DUH' moment still haha. As if the viewers didn't know there are 5 fingers on one hand. 

AND and, I must reveal that the part after I finished sculpting the strawberry tart and I started to massage my wrists and looking wistfully in the distance, well that was entirely the director's order (to convey the idea that it took a long time and much effort to sculpt the tart) hahahah. Just in case you thought it looked a bit fake, well it is. Same goes for the little bit when me and Jack were talking over the tart. 

Now that you guys are warned about the silly quotes from yours truly during the video, here's the link for you guys to watch it! It's a 30min shared episode with another featured profession - a personal chef. :) 

Note that it's in Mandarin, unfortunately there are no subtitles, apologies if you don't understand Mandarin. :(

By 9.15pm, my phone was ringing with the delightful chime of the Paypal notification (which means a sale!), and I watched in amazement as the Facebook likes climbed up steadily. By the end of the episode at 9.30pm, AiClay's Facebook fanpage had garnered more than 50 new likes.

It's been a day since the media coverage, and to date there have been an increase of 100+ likes on FB, the slots for Macaron Workshop selling out quickly, and many many mails to read through and reply. I've got to say, nothing beats receiving the heartfelt emails telling me to continue working hard and that I've inspired them. Whether you just wrote a line, or a long encouraging mail, I want to thank you for these words of motivation. Definitely heart-warming. :)

If any members of the 逐梦者 production crew are reading this now, a HUGE thank you for including the scene where I typed AiClay on computer in the final cut episode. I know most of the audience wouldn't have known where to go search for my works without that scene, so THANK YOU. :)

The first time AiClay was featured on the local newspaper in 2010, I had no idea how to prepare for the outpouring of support after the media coverage. It was just utterly overwhelming then, and I remember regretting not having my workshops information ready as there were so many people who asked but lost interest after a while as I was still scrambling to finalise my workshops. This time, while I'm significantly more prepared, there are still some things I wished I had thought of beforehand. Like having my new website ready, or planning for more workshops. 

Oh well, life's a learning process eh? I'll get my act together even better the next media coverage heh heh. (hopes of an overly-optimistic crafter. :))

Monday, August 26, 2013

Little minions save the world! { PROJECT }

Little-Minions-Save-the-World Project. 

Launched and ready to blast off.  This is open to everyone worldwide. 

Limited to 50 minions for adoption, ACT FAST! 
The Fat One -

The Average One -

The Tall One -

A Family of Five -

If you would like to pay via local bank transfer instead, please send your order details to and title it 'Minions Project'. I will attend to you then.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Have your {cup}cake and eat it too!

Earlier in the month, I had a lovely couple, Mun Yee and Shane, over at my home studio and we made cupcakes! The miniature versions on earrings. ;)

The real life cupcakes are from Twelve Cupcakes by the way.

Also, this was the first time I was hosting a craft session in my newly decorated home studio whoop whoop! Am pleased with how the tiffany blue walls made the photos so much brighter.

Speaking of firsts, it was my first time crafting with a couple as well. It was awfully sweet knowing that Shane had willingly accompanied the girlfriend on a crafty date. You've got to see their cupcakes below, together they created the cutest couple cupcakes. 

I also managed to capture some of their moments crafting together. :)

Can you guess which is made by Shane/MunYee? 

The ones with the lilac flower and adorable fish blowing bubbles were made by Mun Yee, and the ones with a sprinkling of hearts along with alphabet initials were made by Shane. I've got to commend Shane on his amazing patience while making the alphabets, it took him a few tries but now Mun Yee will always remember his dedication in making her cupcake earrings! 

You guys definitely earned the cupcakes! ;)

Thank you Mun Yee and Shane, I had a most enjoyable Saturday afternoon chatting to you and crafting together. :) I'll see you guys soon again, ok? 

P.S Taro is also waiting for you guys to come play with him again! ;)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My little pride and joy. { savouries & cakes }

I feel like AiClay has gotten a bit overrun with workshops lately, and tonight, I just wanted to look back on some of my favourite miniature works so far. Working on my miniature food sculptures has been, and always will be, the core of AiClay. :)

For some of those I've chosen, I just loved the aesthetics of the photos, some I chose because I adore the work itself.

So here goes, selected from my savouries and cakes. :)

I'll leave the rest till next time, my stomach can't take so much food porn so late at night lol.

There are still biscuits, tarts, breads and many more coming!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crafting with a donut in hand.

How many of you can say you've eaten a donut, WHILE making a miniature one? Well, I know 6 ladies who can. :)

Last Saturday, there was a donut party happening at BFF Zakka. It was my first time holding a workshop at a store, and I loved it! The setting was lovely with the flowy white curtains, beautifully decorated walls and local handcrafted products all adorably displayed everywhere. During breaks, the participants got to check out the wide assortment of goodies in BFF Zakka. 

Oh, and did I mention there was soft, light music playing throughout the workshop. Coupled with the warm lighting and fruit tea brewed by the ladies of BFF Zakka, I felt like I should be enjoying a spa massage instead lol. Thankfully I was on a proper donut-making mission there and so my spa daydreams didn't go on for long. ;)

I prepared some miniature decorations (sprinkles and hearts and stars) beforehand, but I needn't have, as all the participants insisted on making their own donut decorations! I'm quite glad they are all taking so much pride in their donuts and wanting to make something they can say they've truly made from scratch. :)

P.S Those decorations in the bottles may not seem much but the little sprinkles took me at least a few hours for each colour! By the way, before you ask me why don't I just use metal beads instead, I found that some metal beads bleed colour into polymer clay. BUT I've heard that Martha Stewart's beads are compatible with polymer clay, so I'm going to give those a try once I can get my hands on them!

Thanks to all of you who came down, and shared in my first workshop experience at a store! :)

I know I've been really active on the workshops' front this few weeks, but after this weekend I'll finally have a short break from all the preparation and lugging suitcases up the stairs. (Somehow all of my workshop locations are on the second level with no lift access!)

And I have a small project in mind. Let me give you a clue. Beedobeedobeedo. ;) Come back to see if you guessed right!

But before that, here's another chance for us to craft together this Saturday! We'll be making miniature cupcakes on earrings, with your own designs. Details are in the poster below.