Monday, August 26, 2013

Little minions save the world! { PROJECT }

Little-Minions-Save-the-World Project. 

Launched and ready to blast off.  This is open to everyone worldwide. 

Limited to 50 minions for adoption, ACT FAST! 
The Fat One -

The Average One -

The Tall One -

A Family of Five -

If you would like to pay via local bank transfer instead, please send your order details to and title it 'Minions Project'. I will attend to you then.  

This is The Fat One -

Hi all, please allow me to introduce the Little-Minions-Save-the-World Project. 
It is a special project I've launched owing to the overwhelming support I've received since I posted up the first miniature minion I made for fun. Besides looking all adorable in their tiny blue outfits and hilarious voices, minions also have an all important mission of saving the world. Which brings us to the main driving force behind this project.

This is The Average One -

This is The Tall One -

For every adopted minion, I will donate SGD5* to Hope Dog Rescue, an animal rescue group based in Singapore. The issue of stray animals struggling to live in our concrete jungle will always be one close to my heart, and I firmly believe in helping those who are unable to voice their pain and sufferings, namely the animals. The donations will be used by the rescue group for costs involved in rehoming stray dogs, vet care, dog food etc. 

Thank you for reading through, and if you've decided to adopt a little minion (or more!), I thank you on behalf of the stray animals in Singapore. 

Owing to the special nature of this project, there will be ONLY 50 minions open for adoption. As this is open worldwide, please submit your order quickly before they're all adopted.

Please note that it will take 4-6 weeks from the date of order to when the minions are sent out.

*While this is a charity project, please understand that I will have to give myself some renumeration for the time and effort spent on creating the minions (and the materials and electricity costs in running the oven and lights). Bear in mind that since every single detail of each minion is individually handcrafted, just one minion will take me many many hours to create. I'm definitely pricing these little fellas for way less than they're worth in man hours as this is a charity project. I hope this clears up any doubts! 

Also, my main specialisation is still on food miniatures, just that once in a while I'll embark on a non-food project just for fun. Please understand that currently, I do not accept commissions for non-food miniatures. :) 

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