Saturday, May 28, 2011

The forgotten pictures.

I would like to say it's been a mad rush getting ready for TDA 2011. But in all honesty, I'm a huge procrastinator and youtube is evil. From recent personal experience, I highly recommend banning this site when you have deadlines to meet or assignments to complete.

And if there's one sense I'm sorely lacking of, it's a sense of urgency. The event is only 3 weeks away! Repeats 2324028374X to get the panic mode on.

A random photo of packaging for sold orders - tarts.

 Sesame seeds, and yet another of burgers.

A few days ago, it was getting unbearably hot in Singapore. 

The sunrays were beating down on me, even in my room! I felt like I was developing a tan just by sitting at my worktable and crafting, so I finally put down my tools and took out my camera.

wink. ;)

Oh yes, if you're a BJD-lover and resides in Singapore, TDA just posted their grand prize for their photography competition. I don't think you'll want to miss that, so send in your entry quick! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'll be exhibiting..

.. at The Doll Affair 2011! :)

If you have been following since 2 years ago (please allow me to kowtow to you, loyal reader. :)), you might remember that I also exhibited at TDA 2009 and won this lovely doll, which I've since renamed Ai, at the lucky draw then!

Two years have whizzed past, and her luscious locks have gotten messy, she's still wearing the same white dress, well nothing about her has really changed. Oh wait, I did change her eyes though. Now they're a pretty blue.


I feel like I'm intruding on her having a advertorial photoshoot for a burger chain, just imagine a small set of shooting equipment at the side.

Here she is, weighing her options burgers. A regular hamburger on the left, a double patty on the right.

"I can't decide which to chomp down on! What do you think?"

Here she goes showing off her fish burger, posing at phantom photographer.

I think she's made her choice. :)

These are 1/6 scale burgers (Ai measures 26cm in height and is a 1/6 scale doll), measuring 1.6cm in diameter, and they'll be on display at TDA 2011 itself. 

Check out details of how to get there here, coming 18th June! It's a ticketed event, but a wonderful eye-opener. I know many attendees put in extra effort to dress up, and golly, some look like dolls themselves!

P.S I am also slightly freaking out because I have a whole table this time which is the size of a single bed, and I have no idea how to fill it up. I'm considering getting my assistant to lay on it as a desperate last resort. :/

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A gleaming red apple.

It's 3am right now.

It was one of those unproductive days where you start out preparing to check things off your to-do list, and end up checking out every single youtube link, updating every friend's statuses on facebook, reading every available blog.

And getting nothing else done. :(


 It's a constant love-hate affair with the internet.

Although I must share that one of the few good things that came out of this unproductive day, was this pair of beautiful Korean singing birds. And no, they're not really birds.

Before I let myself sink into total unproductiveness, I decided I needed to check at least one item off the list. 

Thus, I have here, (if you're familiar with the old adage) a very affordable and adorable health charm, which doubles up as a pendant. 

The apple is 1cm in height and will come with a jump-ring, perfect for necklaces or bracelets. 

For the ill-informed, I meant 'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.' Do remember to eat your recommended portion of fruits today! :)

Also in my Etsy store now.

P.S As with all other accessories in my stores, for hygiene reasons, the pendant is the model's own. You will be purchasing a never-worn piece. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My new shop (and fish burger again.)

Firstly, thank you for all the compliments on my miniature Mcdonald's meal, I never expected the feedback to be that huge! I received more Flickr and blog hits than ever, and I must thank you for all the kind words you've showered. :) 

I get all warm and fuzzy inside everytime I wake up and see a new comment.

And not because I want to dig for more compliments, but I've been hard at work designing AiClay packaging, and now the fish burger meal is AiClay-fied and ready to be bought! I dressed it in shades of ochre and red.

And since I don't think anyone would want to hear me ramble on about fast food for 2 entries straight, I would like to explain more about my new shop.


The shop is independent of Etsy, which means you do not have to be an Etsy member to purchase any items. The store takes Paypal, or credit/debit cards, so you don't even have to be a Paypal member! 

Everything would be conducted via Paypal, so it remains an entirely secure process. I'm always for reducing hassles of online shopping. :) This deserves a good HOORAY!

I have always absorbed all Paypal and Etsy charges, so prices would remain the same between the Etsy and independent shops. I'm still deciding if I should keep my Etsy store, maybe I should move the higher-priced items to my independent shop. Advice, anyone?

 Please pardon the shop for now, if it looks incomplete. I am not good with coding and this is my best effort before I can hire someone to give the shop a make-over. -coughs and mumbles incoherently about lack of funds.

Please let me know if you spot any glitches in the store, whether it be navigation or during payment. :)

A customary photo. The tray measures 4cm by 2.5cm, or 1.6inches by 1inches.

It's the weekend here, and it looks like a really lovely day with heaps of sunshine. :) I'm off to enjoy it!

P.S You can contact me straight through the store, without having to open up your mail! Try it, ask me questions, talk miniatures, tell me about your day! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My high school fast food tradition.

In my secondary/high school days, fast food was on the menu from Monday to Friday.

There was an entertainment centre near the school, so me and my friends will troop over after lessons, and happily choose our guilty pick of the day. Long John Silver, KFC, Mcdonald's..

We had the tradition of bagging our food, and bringing it to one of the secluded corners of the entertainment centre (our favourite was near the noisy arcade, who knows why!), and everyone will sit down in a circle and set their heavy schoolbags at the side.

 Bags of food would be hastily torn apart, chilli packets and fries shared, tall cups of Coke passed around the circle. Passer-bys often gave us weird stares, this whole group of school girls sitting cross-legged on the floor

But we didn't really care, we were too busy indulging in our gossip for the day.

Once, the security guard of the building walked past and gave us a stern look. "Hey, behave like a girl and sit properly!" It was quite a shock to us, and we hurriedly got to our feet.

But once he was out of sight, we were back sitting down and ranting about that man who would later be known as the-guard-who-had-too-much-time.

That was back then, a little less than ten years ago. -recovers from slight shock after calculating how long it's been since high school.

Today, the media is constantly bombarding us with nutritional facts about fast food - calorie-filled soft drinks, oil-dripping fries, unhealthy burger patties. Even pre-packaged chilli sauce wasn't spared! 

So, the fast-food binging had to stop, and my waistline got a bit happier. :)

Once in a while, I still enjoy dunking fries in sauces, and downing them down with an icy Coke. Especially at Mcdonald's, there's just something about the heavenly scent of their freshly fried potato strips. I'll like to know, what's your favourite fast food? :)

P.S The miniature Mcdonald's set was handmade as a gift, but I will recreate a new one with AiClay's own fast food packaging due to copyright concerns. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Labour Day!

I can't believe I actually wrote "Yes, I work all year round." on AiClay's facebook page on Saturday. And guess what, I totally played the weekend away. Pretty ironic that it's Labour Day hur.

Oh wait,I did sneak in a bit of work. I made a colour chart by mixing up fixed amounts of clay. This will come in handy especially when I make colorful food like macarons and cupcake frostings.

I've always found Labour Day to be a rather interesting public holiday, do you celebrate it in other countries as well? And do share about other unique public holidays your country celebrates! :)