Sunday, May 23, 2010

it's where you keep your bread.

It's really a bummer, that I haven't had more time to blog, or to create, due to my full-time job. 

Nowadays, I keep getting reminded of a time not long ago, when I was as free as a bird, and could sculpt as and when I felt like it.

And then I'll beat myself up over the times I chose playing games on the computer, or watching telly over making miniatures.

The last few weeks, I tried sneaking in any free moments I have, to work with wood. Granted, I was still sitting in front of the telly, catching up on my favourite shows. But at least my hands were kept busy! Hah! I was blown away by this awesome tutorial created by the kind Lauretta of CDHM, and had to have a go at it. Besides, with all the miniature bread I had made, it was high time for a miniature breadbox.

 I had no other wood except for ice-cream sticks/craft sticks, which were all pre-cut into long, thin strips. This made it hell difficult as the breadbox definitely required wood which were wider than that of a craft stick, and so I had to tackle this problem before even starting on the project.

So for the rest of you who also can't get nice, big wood pieces to work with, here's a tip. Never mind that you're combining different widths of wood to form the size you need, you just have to etch out lines along the entire piece, and nobody would be the wiser! 

Okay, I don't know if that made sense at all. But if you look at the photos below, just note how the pieces of wood appear to have etched lines all over. That's to disguise the ugly line due to combining wood pieces of different sizes. :)

Oh, over here I should probably bring up the fact that the lid, actually rolls up and down like a proper roll-top bread box! It is a frikking awesome technique, and you just have to hop over to Lauretta's tutorial to see how it's done! :)

This is how it probably looks like after breakfast at my house. EMPTY. :)


Hoho, the breads are sneaking a peek to say hello!

I could roll this lid up and down forever. Haha, it is THAT smooth. I almost wanted to take a video just to showcase how amazing that lid is!


The bread box measures 3cm or 1 3/8 inches in width and 1.9cm or 3/4 inches in height. 


And yes, that's my fat finger.