Friday, December 24, 2010

A hasty Merry Christmas!

and I mean it.

I'm going mad not wrapping Christmas presents, but packing for my flight in a few hours!

I wish I could post all the photos I've prepared for Christmas here at AiClay, but my empty luggage keeps calling out to me.

So here are just some Christmas pastries for now - some tarts and a raspberry wreath cake. 

Merry Christmas to all of you lovely readers! :) Eat some turkey for me, while I get my fill of pho! (can you guess where I'm going yet? :))

Monday, December 20, 2010

An army of gingerbread men.

It's less than a week from Christmas Day itself! 

Being the pessimistic me, I feel a little down that the season of giving would be over pretty soon. But for the sake of keeping with the jolly Christmas spirit, I shall refrain from being Miss Half-Empty-Glass.

I must admit it was a real joy painting the faces on these gingerbread men, and giving them round little buttons and pastel stripes for sleeves. 

The tiny bit of feminist in me is screaming, "Gingerbread MEN, really! It's almost 2011, bring on the ladies in the gingy world!" I guess that prompted me to use softer colours for their piped on decorations.

So now they're, well soft-mannered gingerbread men. :)

I had my first (and only) gingerbread man on a cruise vacation when I was really young.

I remember seeing it on a cart stocked full of christmas goodies - striped candy canes, little red and green cakes, packs of chocolates. But I only had eyes for the gingerbread men, with their wide grins, colourful buttons, and long biscuit hands outstretched as if waving for attention.

It took some begging, crying, and probably a fair bit of sulking, before my mom bought me my very own gingerbread man. And what a surprise it was for this little girl, who had imagined the biscuit to be sweet and delicious, when she bit into a whole gingerbread arm mix of ginger and spice.

Now that I'm fairly grown up, I think it's time to give ginger biscuits and my tastebuds another chance. And even if I don't eat them, I've decided that I should at least wear them!

Paired with a bronze filigree hair pin, this is sure to bring a smile to anyone's faces! 

The hairclip measures at 5.5cm long, and Gingerbread Man measures at 1.1cm in length and 0.9cm at widest. 

Yikes it's almost 2am here, and there's no snow vacation for us living here in the tropics. :( 

I will be back with more gingerbread, stay away from the mistletoe in the mean time hohoho! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Putting the red in christmas.

You will be seeing red in this entry - the festive type, not the angry kind (I hope). :) 

It's 2 weeks to the jolly season of the bearded old man, Rudolph and gingerbread. And trees strung with pretty lights of course. What can I say, I've been heavily influenced by the omnipresent commercialism of the season.

Elp! I've got weird red dots growing on my palm! 

Oh wait, it's just the miniature drupulets for the raspberries I'm sculpting. This was a lot funnier when I imagined blogging about it, in the dead of the night rolling those drupulets. Ahem.

Each raspberry is about 0.2cm in length.

 Cupcakes, naked without their papers.

Cupcakes are 0.8cm at top diameter, and 0.6cm at bottom diameter.
A basket of naked cupcakes. 

I think I've found my blogging style, it's 'stating the obvious'. I'm so boring when I blog after sleeping hours, it's not even funny. :(

I'm sparing you all the pain by ending it here. 

And in keeping in line with my blogging style, here is what I call - can of raspberries spilled with spoon at side.