Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gem Charts

The previous entry might have been rather confusing, and so here are the photoshopped Gem Charts, for easy reference! (thanks jeremy for the suggestion :))

The top Gem Chart shows the 4 available $2 gems,
and the bottom Gem Chart shows the 18 different 50cents gems.

Indicate accordingly which gem you will like. (number followed by alphabet)

Example: If you want the bright pink gem on the top row, second from the left, indicate 1B.

The photos below show the gems with a ruler, so that you can see their sizes.

Smallest is only about 0.1cm radius, and the biggest is 0.5cm radius.

Will be updating photos of new clay-pieces very soon! Mark this space. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet little panda

Sweet little panda giving you his big red heart. :)

And here's just a little breakdown of how I did it.

gawk at that fat ass with the brave declaration of love. :)

And I had some bunny eyes to remake.
(yar if you thought that the eyes of the bunny in one of the posts looked weird, you thought correct. )

morbid picture of eyeless bunny. haha.

Bunny with her new eyes.

out. :)

What to include in email and Prices

What do I have to include in the email to you?

  • Include your name (if I don't know you yet), so that I have a way of addressing you. :)
  • Provide a description and rough size of the object you'll like me to craft. (indicate any specific preferences for colours/poses)
  • Include details of any added items you'll like (e.g. a basket for the object to hold), text/messages, accessories (Small magnet, Big magnet, Spring, Key-chain, Hook earrings, Stick Earrings, Handphone strap, Breastpin/Badge)
  • State the date you will like the clay-piece to be mailed by and shipping address.
  • SEND THE EMAIL to! and in no more than 3 days, you will receive a confirmation email or a follow-up mail from me. :)

I hope this clears up some of the doubts.

If not, just email me k! :)


Saturday, January 24, 2009

First few sold pieces!

After a few days of slogging (okay lar, actually I was having a great deal of fun, haha.)
here are some of my first few sold pieces! :)

Names and prices will not be revealed for confidentiality issues.

This is a bunny with a squash racket, as a necklace charm. The buyer chose to have the pink gem on the bunny's bobtail. :)

Measurements: Height - 3.5cm, Width: 2.5cm

Accompanying carrot stick earrings.

Measurements: Length - 2cm, Width - 0.5cm

This is a purple hippo, with an orange jerberra, attached to a handphone strap.
I adore the little baby teeth.

Measurements: Height - 4cm, Width - 2.5cm

Do keep those mails coming! :)

love, joce.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Truly flattered with the orders that streamed in after the last blog entry! :)

And so, I realised I was short of so many things, and I went on a solo shopping spree entirely for clay materials and accessories.

For those of you who have been asking what could the clay pieces be used for, here it is.

The 8 items (shown in photo below) could be attached to the clay piece - Small magnet, Big magnet, Spring (which can be placed on the dashboard of your car), Key-chain, Hook earrings, Stick Earrings, Handphone strap, Breastpin/Badge.

Here is a close-up of the hook earrings (on the left), and stick earrings (on the right). Usually the hook earrings will be used for clay pieces which are more 3D and more bulky. The stick earrings will be used for flatter and smaller pieces.

I also picked up some Swarovski gems, and they're all so precious and gorgeous! They can be attached to the clay piece, to give the piece a touch of dazzle. :)

The gems are made of Swarovski crystals, and are made in Austria and imported from Japan.

There are 2 different categories of prices for this collection of gems.
Firstly, this group of gems cost 50cents each.

These are all the colours and sizes of the gems.

To make it clearer which gem you are choosing, please follow this chart. For the top row, first gem from the left (blue-green), it will be labelled as 1A. The second gem from the left on the top row (pink) will be labelled as 1B, and respectively for the rest of the gems. The first gem from the left on the second row (big blue) will be labelled as 2A, the second gem from the left on the second row (small blue) will be labelled as 2B. The same goes for the last row.

The second collection of gems (photos below) shows the 5 gems which cost $2 each. The 2 smaller pink gems are placed in the photo just to show the relative sizes of the gems, and they belong to the first collection (50cents each).

To indicate which one you want (for the $2 gems), gems in the first photo will be labelled as A (the thinner gem on the most left), and B for the other two gems (these two are actually the exact same size and color).

For gems in the second photo, do indicate them as silver-ringed or gold-ringed.

Alright, this is all for now. Happy shopping, and do email me with any queries! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, and Valentine's day is coming.

cupcake charms.

Wedding cake.

Well, I kinda made all of these on a whim, but I feel they're very made for V-day. haha.

You know how everyone's getting flowers and the prices are hiked up so much it's outrageous? And you walk down that street proudly waving your precious bouquet, and before you can say happy-valentine's, three more girls have walked past you with uncannily similar bouquets. Personally I'll much rather spend the cash on something that's one of a kind, and that I can truly customise to my liking. Well, here's a proposition - fully customisable clay accessories!

~frequently asked questions~

Well, these clay pieces are pretty, but what can I do with them?

All of these clay pieces you see above, can be made into necklace/bracelet charms, or earrings, or keychains/handphone chains. Bigger clay pieces could be made into fancy magnets or paper clips.

So, what other designs are there?

I'll be more than happy to work on YOUR ideas, and customise something for you. Like having me write a name/message on the cake, or making human figurines instead, or your girlfriend's favourite item, etc etc. Anything can be worked out. :)

Items that I've produced are - cupcakes, cakes, human figurines, bears, flowers, biscuits, miniature replicas of food items etc.

What do I have to include in the email to you?

  • Include your name (if I don't know you yet), so that I have a way of addressing you. :)

  • Provide a description and rough size of the object you'll like me to craft. (indicate any specific preferences for colours/poses) If possible, images/photos would be very much appreciated.

  • State the date you will like the clay-piece to be mailed by and shipping address.

  • SEND THE MAIL! and wait for a confirmation email or a follow-up mail from me. :)

Hmm, but will the clay be damaged after time? (edited on 7November 2009)

I now sculpt solely with polymer clay now, and after sculpting, it will be oven-baked to ensure permanence of colour and hardness. Polymer clay is actually a type of plastic, and is extremely durable and strong once allowed to cure at the right temperature and for the right period of time.

Unless you enjoy prodding at the sculpture with sharp needles, or stepping hard on them, or twisting them at extremely awkward angles, the answer is, no the sculptures will not be damaged with time. :) With proper handling, your item will last forever.

How long do I have to wait before I can collect my item?

This depends on the waiting list of customisations at that point of time.

Usually, from the day the design is finalised to the day of collection, it can be as short as a week to no longer than 1 month.

However, for extremely large ( above 5cm in height/width)/extremely detailed items or orders of multiple items, I will inform you about the time I would require to complete the order/s, and you can decide whether to commit then. :)

To be safe, do email me with your request in no less than a week from the preferred date of collection! :)

The comment form is so darn small! Other forms of contacts please!

Do email me at, and I'll reply to all requests or questions in 3 days latest! :) Also, you could scroll through my entries for photos of my other clay pieces!

When do I pay, and how will I receive my purchase?

To prevent any misunderstandings, I will be collecting a non-refundable full payment before I proceed with making your item/s. All items will be posted by registered article via Singpost.

Payment can be made through Internet banking, Inter-Bank Transfer, Paypal or ATM transfer to POSB account.

Please transfer all payment to 039-25211-2 POSB Savings, or for Paypal transfers.
To allow for checking of payment, please email me at after making payment. 

Please read AiClay’s Shop Policies at

~end of faq~

Of course, this can be for any other occasion besides V-day, or even if you just really want to own a totally quirky item you can totally call your own! So feel free to contact me for purchases or queries even after 14th February. :)

As I said, anything can be worked out, and don't fret. I'm totally okay even if you decide not to purchase anything in the end. Promise. :)

Oh, and finally, for even more valentine day's gift ideas (fancy recording your own song/message for your love interest? :)), visit