Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holes can be beautiful - miniature doilies.

When I help my mom pack her cookies into a bottle, she'll instruct me to place these laced papers - one on the top, one at the base. And it's amazing how much prettier the cookies look with them.

And because the doily papers often come in thick stacks and are often priced so cheaply, I've never really thought much about them. That is, until I tried making some miniature ones myself.

A little behind the scenes, though I believe a lot of steps could be eliminated with the right instruments. I didn't have that luxury, and had to settle for making the most of everyday items around me, like bottle caps and the good ol' pencil and ruler.

After hand-sketching the little curves, I had to cut around the edges - all 20 odd of them for one single doily!

Find me a miniature serrated edge scissors, pretty please!

I know the design is awfully simple compared to the real life doilies, but I'm satisfied for now. :)

Pretty doilies ought to be packaged in pretty colours like a soft pink, don't you think? (I'm such a girly at heart!)

Here you can get your own pack of a pair of doilies, sealed with a matching rose ribbon.

Each doily measures at 2cm, or 8/10th of an inch in diameter, and they're for sale - packaged in a set of 2 doilies per envelope. :)