Monday, July 29, 2013

Enough sandwiches for a tiny village. :)

Last last Sunday, a few ladies gathered with me at Sculpture Square to make miniature sandwiches. :)

AiClay's inhouse photographer (hahah by that I mean Jack) was there as well, so he snapped away and here are the photos to share.

Quite a number of them, so I'm going to let the pictures convey all the fun we had that day! :) 

Check out the huge television screen, kindly lent from Sculpture Square, which I was livecasting from. I usually set up a video cam and broadcast the detailed work on the screen so that the participants get to see the crafting up close.

I believe for most of the participants it was their first time entering Sculpture Square, and I definitely hope to hold my workshops in more unexplored cafes/buildings. Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own country really.

And the customary group shot, with everyone proudly holding their miniature creations and me with the large real-life sandwich lol.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, if you're one of the participants and would like any of the photos here feel free to email me for them! For the rest, maybe one day you'll be in the photos too? :)

P.S We'll be making miniature cupcakes this Saturday, have you registered your slot? :) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

And the winners are..

And so I ended the easiest lucky draw to win ever, and picked 2 winners out of 3 participants. hahahahha. Can I conclude that Mcdonald's food isn't a huge hit with the rest of you? In any case, thank you all 3 participants and your mascot ideas, I had fun reading them! 

Plus, please don't fret all of my overseas followers! I'm most definitely organising another giveaway, which will be open to everyone WORLDWIDE.  So keep a lookout for that!

Here are the two winners - Deniece Tan and Tan Sin Yee! 

Both of you have won 2 tickets EACH to the McNuggets Party happening this Sunday from 12-2pm, at McDonald’s Kallang, 200 Stadium Boulevard . Bring an empty stomach and see you there! å

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Giveaway: Have some fries on me!

HELLO everyone! 

So this is going up a bit late due to my hectic schedule, but you guys know about the McNuggets Party I have this Sunday right? I'll like to give back to all you lovely folks who have been supporting my workshops and my works, and finally meet a few of you! 

So here's a little giveaway. 

There'll be 2 winners.
2 tickets each for each winner to attend the McNuggets Party! There'll be fries, nuggets, ice creams, smoothies, apple pies, drinks served.
Location of Party: McDonald’s Kallang, 200 Stadium Boulevard
Time & Date: 12-2pm Sunday 28th July 2013

{RULES} - Please make sure you fulfil ALL the rules.
1. You must have attended one or more of AiClay's workshops (either public/private), OR bought one or more of AiClay's work.
2. You must be a fan of AiClay's Facebook Fanpage.
3. You must be in Singapore on 28th July, Sunday, from 12-2pm. Please make sure you're really free to head down or give up the chance to others!
4. Just ONE entry each for each facebook account. Feel free to share this post to get your friends/family to join as well!
5. The winner can only bring ONE additional person, as there's limited capacity for the party. 

So what you have to do is, leave a comment ON AiClay's facebook page under the GIVEAWAY post telling me your idea for an AiClay mascot. Be creative, go wild!

I'll pick 2 lucky winners based on random drawing from all the comments!

This draw will close on 12 noon, 26th July Friday, and results will be announced by 12 noon, 27th July Saturday.

Now go have fun! GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY. Remember that I'll be picking comments from my facebook post, NOT on this blog entry! ;)

P.S Thank you Deniece for the idea of an AiClay mascot! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let's not hide this gem of a store.

Hello. :)

Today let me reveal a well-hidden treasure trove. Have you heard of BFF Zakka? It's a cosy, charming store tucked away in a corner of Katong, and it houses many unique treasures and works from local artists and crafters. Just head to their facebook page to see photos of their lovely store.

This 27th July, how would you like to make and decorate a miniature donut with me at BFF Zakka? While we're crafting away, we will also have refreshments and drinks to fight the urge to nibble on our miniature donuts. ;)

Please email to or call 6348 9096 to register your slot/s!
Registration closes 12pm on Friday, 26th July so be quick!

P.S Did you know that two of BFF Zakka's partners are Jesseca Liu 刘子绚 and Ann Kok 郭舒贤? No promises that they'll be at the workshop but you never know! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Kapoh-ed from Instagram.

To kapoh means to steal, according to the Coxford Singlish Dictionary. A little lesson in my country's unique language. ;)

So here we go, all kapok-ed from my Instagram of the week's happenings.
By the way, my instagram name is joceaiwei, go follow me if you'd like! :)

First, here we have one of the new locations for our craft parties - Sculpture Square! It's a lovely building nestled in artsy Bras Basah area. And yup, that's AiClay's poster on the beautiful red door.

Together with a few awesome ladies, the miniature burger craft party kicked off last Saturday. 

P.S I'll be having a smaller Home Studio Workshop version later today too, do check here to see how you could arrange for your own weekday workshops as well!

And on Tuesday, I attended my first ever wrap party. Now that sounds like I went to a gathering where we all rolled lettuce and meat in a tortilla, but nope. This wrap party was held by the amazeballs production team I got to work with a few months ago, and to celebrate the WRAPPING UP of the show 逐梦者. Kudos to all crew behind and in front of the screen. We got to watch a snippet of the show and it's such an interesting way to showcase the various unique lifestyles of our fellow Singaporeans.

My imagination sometimes go into overdrive and while sitting in the train/walking on the street/etc, I'll imagine what lifestyles the strangers have around me. The show 逐梦者 will help curb some of my curiousity lol. :)

The first episode will be shown on 22nd July, Monday, 9PM. I'll need to get back to you about which episode AiClay is on though.

P.S Thank you Qiao for attending the wrap party with me too! 

Adios for now, mi amigos. :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heart-to-heart: Green-eyed monster.

Hello there, it's Painfully-Honest-Me again. :)

Ever since I saw the wonderful outpouring of support for my previous heart-to-heart blog entry, I realise that hey, I have indeed more than the 5 readers I originally suspected haha. (no, but I'm serious.) There's so much of my life I want to share with you, it's way different from the lifestyle of the regular Singapore office-girl, along with the mental tribulations I go through. If you've ever been curious about what happens after one takes the advice of those popular Pinterest slogans like the one pictured below, then you'll be interested in my heart-to-heart entries.

Today, let's focus on one nagging horrible flaw I have, which I've never publicly admitted. 

-breathes deeply.

I find it difficult to be truly happy for others. 

There, I've said it. 

Okay wait, I AM truly happy when my friends get married and start families etc, and I honestly want my friends to be happy and would gladly do things to get them there. 

What I'm referring to are people in my trade. Which is the tiny circle of miniature food crafters. Not a lot of them in the world, as you can imagine. Definitely not as many as the circle of doctors, lawyers, or any other regular profession.

I'll let you in on a secret, I've been consciously steering clear of the other food miniaturists' blogs. Well I used to surf them back in the days I just started AiClay. But I noticed that this growing sense of bitterness would just swell in my heart, and I'll feel so discouraged that they've managed to perfect some food I couldn't, or they've achieved some success like have massive good sales or be invited to some overseas exhibition etc.

So I stopped going to these blogs, just so these terrible feelings would quit surfacing.

I've tried to be open and positive, and I'll head into someone's website consciously repeating to myself like a mantra, "Wow, that's amazing texture. Now I have to improve on my techniques to perfect my food miniatures. Ooh, her weekend sales rocketed? That's wonderful, hopefully I'll be able to achieve that too if I keep working hard at my craft."

Apparently you can't MAKE yourself feel positive, because I felt the same afterwards even with the consistent pep-talk. Just a tad more silly.

I have a suspicion that it's my insecurities acting up, and I am slightly better with handling other people's success now. I attribute that to AiClay having gained a small, okay tiny level of success too, which is why it's a lot easier for me to accept that others are successful too. But I wish it didn't have to be like this. I do want to be happy for others EVEN if my own sales was down or if I lost subscribers/readers.

Now every time the green-eyed monster rears its butt-ugly head, I'll bury those negative emotions and simply refocus on something else at hand. But who's to know if all that negativity would just snowball and unleash itself with a fury one day.

I'll like to know if you struggle with these emotions as well, and how do you deal with them?

If you're a food miniaturist as well, please don't think too badly of me and hopefully you'll consider it flattery that I'm so jealous of your successes haha.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello July. ♥

We have two craft workshops this sunny July! (The haze has almost totally subsided HOORAY.)
Hope to see you at at least one of them huh? :)

Don't forget that you can always come for my Home Studio Workshops if you can't make it for the public workshops! 

If you've been following me on instagram, you'll know that my Home Studio is going to be totally renovated, so that it's a nicer area for us to craft together in! Originally I had wanted to get a professional painting company to do the job, but unfortunately the person I liased with was rude and dismissive ( thumbs down for lousy customer service) and so I decided not to employ his services anymore.

Plus, it should be fun painting a room, right? Haha, let me know if you've painted your own walls before.

I'm going to update with photos of my Home Studio transformation once it's done. :)