Monday, July 29, 2013

Enough sandwiches for a tiny village. :)

Last last Sunday, a few ladies gathered with me at Sculpture Square to make miniature sandwiches. :)

AiClay's inhouse photographer (hahah by that I mean Jack) was there as well, so he snapped away and here are the photos to share.

Quite a number of them, so I'm going to let the pictures convey all the fun we had that day! :) 

Check out the huge television screen, kindly lent from Sculpture Square, which I was livecasting from. I usually set up a video cam and broadcast the detailed work on the screen so that the participants get to see the crafting up close.

I believe for most of the participants it was their first time entering Sculpture Square, and I definitely hope to hold my workshops in more unexplored cafes/buildings. Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own country really.

And the customary group shot, with everyone proudly holding their miniature creations and me with the large real-life sandwich lol.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, if you're one of the participants and would like any of the photos here feel free to email me for them! For the rest, maybe one day you'll be in the photos too? :)

P.S We'll be making miniature cupcakes this Saturday, have you registered your slot? :) 


  1. That is just so awesome... I love seeing your class photos, and what everyone makes! I am so envious XD

    It's always magical seeing what you guys create!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Nice sandwiches!

  3. I loved looking at cute sandwichs, they did great work :)

  4. After seeing this I wonder; do you bake after every step? Or do you make everything and then back it as a whole?