Friday, July 12, 2013

Kapoh-ed from Instagram.

To kapoh means to steal, according to the Coxford Singlish Dictionary. A little lesson in my country's unique language. ;)

So here we go, all kapok-ed from my Instagram of the week's happenings.
By the way, my instagram name is joceaiwei, go follow me if you'd like! :)

First, here we have one of the new locations for our craft parties - Sculpture Square! It's a lovely building nestled in artsy Bras Basah area. And yup, that's AiClay's poster on the beautiful red door.

Together with a few awesome ladies, the miniature burger craft party kicked off last Saturday. 

P.S I'll be having a smaller Home Studio Workshop version later today too, do check here to see how you could arrange for your own weekday workshops as well!

And on Tuesday, I attended my first ever wrap party. Now that sounds like I went to a gathering where we all rolled lettuce and meat in a tortilla, but nope. This wrap party was held by the amazeballs production team I got to work with a few months ago, and to celebrate the WRAPPING UP of the show 逐梦者. Kudos to all crew behind and in front of the screen. We got to watch a snippet of the show and it's such an interesting way to showcase the various unique lifestyles of our fellow Singaporeans.

My imagination sometimes go into overdrive and while sitting in the train/walking on the street/etc, I'll imagine what lifestyles the strangers have around me. The show 逐梦者 will help curb some of my curiousity lol. :)

The first episode will be shown on 22nd July, Monday, 9PM. I'll need to get back to you about which episode AiClay is on though.

P.S Thank you Qiao for attending the wrap party with me too! 

Adios for now, mi amigos. :)

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  1. it looks like they had a wonderful time at the burger class, will the show be coming to america or youtube?