Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Giveaway: Have some fries on me!

HELLO everyone! 

So this is going up a bit late due to my hectic schedule, but you guys know about the McNuggets Party I have this Sunday right? I'll like to give back to all you lovely folks who have been supporting my workshops and my works, and finally meet a few of you! 

So here's a little giveaway. 

There'll be 2 winners.
2 tickets each for each winner to attend the McNuggets Party! There'll be fries, nuggets, ice creams, smoothies, apple pies, drinks served.
Location of Party: McDonald’s Kallang, 200 Stadium Boulevard
Time & Date: 12-2pm Sunday 28th July 2013

{RULES} - Please make sure you fulfil ALL the rules.
1. You must have attended one or more of AiClay's workshops (either public/private), OR bought one or more of AiClay's work.
2. You must be a fan of AiClay's Facebook Fanpage.
3. You must be in Singapore on 28th July, Sunday, from 12-2pm. Please make sure you're really free to head down or give up the chance to others!
4. Just ONE entry each for each facebook account. Feel free to share this post to get your friends/family to join as well!
5. The winner can only bring ONE additional person, as there's limited capacity for the party. 

So what you have to do is, leave a comment ON AiClay's facebook page under the GIVEAWAY post telling me your idea for an AiClay mascot. Be creative, go wild!

I'll pick 2 lucky winners based on random drawing from all the comments!

This draw will close on 12 noon, 26th July Friday, and results will be announced by 12 noon, 27th July Saturday.

Now go have fun! GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY. Remember that I'll be picking comments from my facebook post, NOT on this blog entry! ;)

P.S Thank you Deniece for the idea of an AiClay mascot! 


  1. I wish I were in singapore but Im in the state :(

    1. Aww, don't worry I'll be having another giveaway which would include everyone worldwide! :D

  2. Awww :( It would have been nice if one of the two prizes was available to your online readers and fans... since there's no way I'm making it to Singapore anytime soon!!

    Maybe next time you could remember us too? XD

    Although that's not a complaint, just a suggestion... because there is always your shop for those of us who are International :)

    1. Hi Heather, I would NEVER forget all of you overseas, in fact many of my first supporters were from overseas and I'll always remember that. :) Don't worry, I have another giveaway coming up for everyone WORLDWIDE, just happened that I won this Mcdonald's party out of the blue and I felt that I wanted to share a bit of the luck with my supporters, but it's too bad that it's a physical party in Singapore.

      So do look out for the upcoming giveaway, and thank you for always checking in on my blog entries. :)

    2. That's so crazy that you won a McDonalds party! What kinds of things are going to happen there? 0_0 Do they have special McDonalds events for you to partake in?