Monday, December 28, 2009

3 tarts - enough to break my record!

I just listed 3 items in Etsy within a day!
Now, that's the highest number of listings I've ever managed to do so, and I don't know if it's wise actually. But oh well! :)

They're all tarts, and here they are!
Miniature fruit tarts, entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

For scale, beside a regular matchstick.


I do love the white bakery shelf so.
It's built by me, and painted by my friend Qiao (the girl pictured at my booth!).

If any of you visited my booth at TDA 2009, you will recognise most of the tarts. I know most of you lamented that I should sculpt them in larger scale, and I will now, since I have Ai to help out. :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

it keeps the doctor away.

or so they say. :P

Miniature fuji apples, entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

I know some of you have been waiting long for me to reveal my prize at TDA 2009.

Here's Ai. Crazily adorable right?

Head here to read more about her, and the entourage of pretty accessories she arrived with.

The apples are actually 1/12th miniature fuji apples, but in Ai's hands, they become 1/6th cherry apples.

When I won Ai, there were congratulations all round (though I bet there must be many in that room who wanted to just kill me and run off with the pink box too! haha).

And someone said, "Congrats! Welcome to our money-sucking hobby!"


I shall not let that come true! Ai will be my model for all 1/6th scale sculpts (yes, I'll definitely be sculpting more in that scale) now, so she will actually be earning for me for a start. :)

Happy boxing day everyone!

P.S Krabi is a lovely, lovely place.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Doll Affair 2009

I have decided to steal some time from my sleep to publish some of my photos from TDA 2009, because I know the next time I can be posting is after Christmas! So here's something to satiate your appetites for now!

Mostly, photos of my booth, my helper/bestie, and me!

There are also more photos of other booths that I would leave for next time! :)

And because it would be too late for me to say it when I return, here's a Merry Christmas to all of you!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

the jolly fat man liked me afterall!

Hi! The Doll Affair 2009 concluded yesterday, and here's a brief update because I don't have the photos yet!

A special hello to everyone who's here through the namecards at TDA. Do comment to say hi! :) And if you are one of them who took photos of my booth, pretty please I wanna see them! :) 

Honestly, I did not fare well sales-wise at all at TDA, but somehow my spirits were still high through out. Mostly because I had already expected low/no sales, as I knew the main reason why my sculpts weren't selling, was because of the small scale (12th scale) they were in. Oh, the many times people would go "Ohhh, these are wonderful, but too small for my doll!".

And yet, I still went ahead with sculpting only 1/12th scale, maybe I was deterred by the obstacles Cindy was reporting (but it was all worth it, cause her sculpts are FAB!), but more so because I decided to concentrate on finishing my long list of Christmas orders instead, as I had to travel right after the event.

But lows aside, I MUST mention my bestie, LEE YIQIAO ARE YOU READING THIS, who was so generous and so helpful throughout the entire TDA preparation and at the actual fair itself. She was the one who got her fingers all white while painted the miniature displays, and made the extremely pretty ice cream stands. She lugged her extremely heavy laptop and extension cords to the fair, and helped think of the layout of the booth. I shall not bore all of you with all of the details, but just extremely thankful of this bestie of mine. LOVE YOUU!! :)

And there are more good news to report which would also explain the title of this entry), but that shall be in another entry. For now, I have to get sculpting again and packing for my trip! :)

I will be out of the country from 21st December to 25th December. All orders would be sent out before I leave the country, but do note that the earliest time I can sculpt for new orders would be from 26th December.

I would still be contactable via email, and should be checking my inbox everyday. So keep your custom orders and enquiries coming! :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa likes his chocolate chip cookies.

It is a well-known secret, well that Santa likes chocolate in his cookies.

Honestly! It's said that you get better presents (those that are hidden away in his special sack for clever kids who leave out chocolate chip cookies) in your christmas socks that way.

It might be fun to piss Santa off this year, by putting out a miniature plate of miniature INEDIBLE chocolate chip cookies. hahaha! -evil laugh.

Might earn me a whole sockful of soot, and fresh reindeer snot. :P

Why are there so many trays of cookies, Jocelyn? All the better to tease more Santas with! :)

I'm sorry guys, I think this has been a pretty annoying entry.

And I might have offended a jolly fat man in the North, shaking his belly like a bowl full of jelly.
(skip to 4:08, one of my well-loved lines from Chandler in Friends!)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

flour, yeast, sugar.

 a sneak peek of what I'll be exhibiting at the fair.

A bakery stand with assorted varieties of sculpted miniature breads.

At first, I named this entry 'butter, flour, eggs', before the great goggle proved what a bread-idiot i am.

Turns out that there ain't butter or eggs involved in bread-making, and yeast is the essential ingredient instead.

today's a lazy day, and I've been feeling like I need more sleep for the entire day. Although the clock and some simple math tell me I don't, haha.

Have you had your daily bread yet, tell me about your favourites! :)

Pretty in Pink

This is a miniature heart-shaped waffle with ice cream, entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

My etsy offering after some time!

A plump scoop of strawberry ice cream sits atop a heart-shaped toasted waffle, together with a biscuit and chocolate wafer roll. A tiny fondant heart adds a touch of rosy to the dessert.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

candy stripes scream christmas month!

This blog post is going to look rather out of place amongst all the miniature food, haha.

but anyway, like what the title says, there's a certain christmas vibe emanating from the photos below, maybe in the red and white graininess of it all.

and that's a miniature grocery bag. If you've received one of my packages, the sculptures are usually packed in one of these first. :)

and behold the illusion trickery (haha! what's with the mystery.), I've used the same twine for both bags, but it looks so much thicker on the miniature bag eh? Or is it my eyes?

Wishing all of you a jolly December! :)

and I should get down to sculpting miniature holiday foods too.
Shall hustle and bustle like a Christmas elf tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

whatttt, no maple syrup?

Miniature 1/12th scale filled waffles hand-sculpted with polymer clay.

photo onslaught ahead..

of 5 very similar photos.
(but I am still putting them up because, well just because I can. ha!)

These are some of the waffles I'll be exhibiting and selling at TDA (The Doll's Affair) come 19th December!

It's only 19 days away, now that December has arrived at my door and made itself at home already. :(

I would have liked maybe, 30 more days of November haha.

In no order at all, the waffles are slapped with green tea (ocha), yam and chocolate ice creams, prodded with wafer biscuits, and fiercely drizzled with chocolate sauce.

And of course, I hope you like the chocolate hearts, I mean it when I say I've taken a fancy to including them in almost any dessert I make! :)

There is so much more I want to prepare, and exhibit!

Today I decided on a whim to make miniature wooden photoframes, and that led me to the stunning (okay not really, on hindsight) realisation that ice cream sticks/ craft sticks actually make pretty nice shelves! :)

And so, I happily set to work and have 3 miniature shelves for the fair already. HOORAY for me! :)
Gimme a few days to get down to snap some photos though.

Right, back to the waffles. I told you the photos were almost identical! haha. and this has given me a grand plan for a giveaway perhaps in the next month (which means year!).

December's proving to be a busy month ahead, with pre-Christmas sales, TDA and the boy's birthday (on Christmas Eve itself, no kidding!).

How have you all been? :)