Thursday, December 3, 2009

candy stripes scream christmas month!

This blog post is going to look rather out of place amongst all the miniature food, haha.

but anyway, like what the title says, there's a certain christmas vibe emanating from the photos below, maybe in the red and white graininess of it all.

and that's a miniature grocery bag. If you've received one of my packages, the sculptures are usually packed in one of these first. :)

and behold the illusion trickery (haha! what's with the mystery.), I've used the same twine for both bags, but it looks so much thicker on the miniature bag eh? Or is it my eyes?

Wishing all of you a jolly December! :)

and I should get down to sculpting miniature holiday foods too.
Shall hustle and bustle like a Christmas elf tomorrow! :)


  1. It's just an illusion.

    Hope I'm not dating myself too much here, lol ;)

  2. hi Dale! aha, i visited the link, and it was a catchy song! despite the ahem, date, and the fact that the masks on the back of their heads scared me! hahaha! :)

  3. LOL, I'm an old lady whoooo ;)

    I can't help it, when ever anyone says illusion, that song pops in my head.

    I don't recall seeing the video back in the day. You have to admit, he had some smooth moves. ;)

    But, you are so right, the string on the smaller package looks bigger than it is on the big package.

    Illusion... (wanders off singing)