Tuesday, December 1, 2009

whatttt, no maple syrup?

Miniature 1/12th scale filled waffles hand-sculpted with polymer clay.

photo onslaught ahead..

of 5 very similar photos.
(but I am still putting them up because, well just because I can. ha!)

These are some of the waffles I'll be exhibiting and selling at TDA (The Doll's Affair) come 19th December!

It's only 19 days away, now that December has arrived at my door and made itself at home already. :(

I would have liked maybe, 30 more days of November haha.

In no order at all, the waffles are slapped with green tea (ocha), yam and chocolate ice creams, prodded with wafer biscuits, and fiercely drizzled with chocolate sauce.

And of course, I hope you like the chocolate hearts, I mean it when I say I've taken a fancy to including them in almost any dessert I make! :)

There is so much more I want to prepare, and exhibit!

Today I decided on a whim to make miniature wooden photoframes, and that led me to the stunning (okay not really, on hindsight) realisation that ice cream sticks/ craft sticks actually make pretty nice shelves! :)

And so, I happily set to work and have 3 miniature shelves for the fair already. HOORAY for me! :)
Gimme a few days to get down to snap some photos though.

Right, back to the waffles. I told you the photos were almost identical! haha. and this has given me a grand plan for a giveaway perhaps in the next month (which means year!).

December's proving to be a busy month ahead, with pre-Christmas sales, TDA and the boy's birthday (on Christmas Eve itself, no kidding!).

How have you all been? :)

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