Monday, December 21, 2009

The Doll Affair 2009

I have decided to steal some time from my sleep to publish some of my photos from TDA 2009, because I know the next time I can be posting is after Christmas! So here's something to satiate your appetites for now!

Mostly, photos of my booth, my helper/bestie, and me!

There are also more photos of other booths that I would leave for next time! :)

And because it would be too late for me to say it when I return, here's a Merry Christmas to all of you!


  1. goodness the things look SO PRETTY!!!! (so do you and mama hehe)

  2. Gorgeous display!!! And how cute are you and mommy?? Great pics!! You know, I never knew that people preferred a larger scale there! Too small!??

  3. Adorable! And the display is beautiful too. I'm sorry to hear that the sales weren't as good as you anticipated though.

  4. hi Wanyu! yayy thank you! :)

    Kiva! WAITTTT, the girl in the photo with me ain't my mom!! hahaha, my friend just calls her 'mama' as a pet name. :P And yep, they find 12th scale WAYYY too small, cause they have HUGEEEE dolls!

    Tiff, thank you, that means a lot! and there's always a next time for me, so I'm not too down about the sales. :)

  5. Your textures in polymer clay are amazing!
    And it's a beautiful display too.
    ( I found you in the Etsy forums today)

  6. hi Kim!! :) thank you, those are wonderful compliments! :)