Friday, June 28, 2013

We made miniature macarons together!

Yes we made a lot of them, on that cozy Saturday afternoon. :)

While all of them didn't know each other (except for a mother-daughter pair), they all hit it off pretty well and started chatting like old friends quickly into the workshop! So 4 hours breezed through with much laughter and chatter.

 And do you spot the biscuits on the tables, yep we even snacked during the little breaks. :)

Behold the mess we made haha. 
Crafting's not complete without a colourful mess of materials and tools.

A lovely mother and daughter pair, Saralyn (daughter) was also the customer who suggested that I made durians a while back and bought a basket of them from AiClay! :)

They're holding up the completed macaron bracelets in their boxes. As everyone got to choose their own preferred colours, this sweet pair made matching macaron bracelets!

P.S Saralyn/Katlyn, if you're reading this I apologise for the blurred image! :(

Now, will YOU be there to make macarons with me next time?
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Iced Gem Biscuits & July Commissions!

Amazingly, the haze situation in Singapore seems to have improved sooner than expected! I still have a box of N95 masks which I preordered for my family but it seems like it might not come to use anymore, so hooray! 

-fingers crossed for clear skies.

The skies are still a dreary grey though, so allow me to brighten up your day with my newest work - Rainbow Iced Gem Biscuit on earrings!

They come in a splash of fun rainbow colours, all available for you to choose from! If you would like to have a different coloured biscuit on each earring, just let me know in the Note to Seller before you check out! ♥

(I also have a pastel edition to be introduced soon).

So these biscuits are a lot bigger than my previously sculpted iced gem biscuits.

Do allow me to interrupt my flow of pictures with a short announcement, commissions for the upcoming July are open! Limited to the first 4 confirmed commissions, more information in the tabs above.

Sorry I stopped opening commissions for a while because I was concentrating on my workshops. That's the trouble with being a one-woman show, something is always being neglected argh!

Okay commercial break over. Back to pictures!

Presenting to you, all 7 colours of the rainbow! Okay not exactly, I know white isn't on the rainbow. :/

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Food with faces. :)

So I just ended another super fun workshop at my home studio, and we were crafting and chatting at the same time as it was a one-to-one workshop. :) My student asked me if I had ever sculpted animals, and if I will. And it dawned on me that I have indeed made a few miniature animals, but in food form. 

I didn't get a chance to show her the animal-themed food miniatures, but decided it'll be nice to show them all in this entry! So just a little recap here, also for you Isabelle! :) 

I guess it's fun to make things with faces once in a while. ;)

Let me know if I've missed out any of my work, or if you have any more suggestions for animal-themed food! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reporting from hazy skies.

Hello Singaporeans and the rest of the world! 

It has been a trying week for us of here here on the island. For those who aren't in the know, Singapore's air quality has plummeted past record-breaking levels and it's affecting everyone here.

AiClay isn't spared as well, so the little gingies and I are here to bring you an important announcement! 

This Sunday's Donut Workshop at Sculpture Square has been postponed until the air quality improves significantly, hopefully by July. 

However, Home Studio Workshops (HSW) are STILL available, so you're definitely welcome to come craft and hide from the haze with me in my humble abode. (My home studio will be fully air-conditioned to keep out the nasty haze.)

For HSW, dates and workshop content can be adjusted according to your preference and our schedules, so there's more flexibility! Even the prices are flexible! Check out for more information.

Lastly, let's all take good care of ourselves and pray hard for clear skies soon. 

P.S This Sunday's Donut Pendant workshop will be held at my home studio instead, and fees are at $65/pax specially for this workshop. If you're keen just email me at before 5pm today!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Pizza Project - Part Two

The Pizza Project is seeing some progress! First up, pepperoni pizza. 

The miniature pizza (and the tarts and donuts) is handsculpted by me with polymer clay, and it measures around 2.9cm in diameter.

P.S Yes pizza can live amongst sweet tarts and donuts, why not? Lol.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shall we craft together in June?

If you can't make it for the public workshops below, Home Studio Workshops are now available! Just email me with your preferred dates and workshop content. 

For everyone who have been requesting for personal classes, I am now able to conduct classes for a group size of 1-4 participants. Please check for more information!

Please note that public workshop fees have increased due to longer crafting hours and a better location. They will be held at Sculpture Square, which is a lovely building which lovers of art should all visit! Bring-a-friend discount still applies, $5 off each for you and your friend/s. ♥

See you there! ♥

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Behind the camera!

Beware of the onslaught of pictures from the weekend which just passed. 
(Also, prepare for an overdose of my face in this entry haha)

So together with 3 very lovely people, we spent a few hours last Sunday shooting for the first ever AiClay's tutorial which will be published online soon in the near future. It is a collaboration between AiClay and Happy Academy (the latter is an uber exciting venture headed by Daniel but more concrete details will be up only later!).

One of the most popular requests I've had from you guys, is to put up tutorials which all of you overseas can purchase and learn miniature food sculpting from, without having to attend my workshop in person. And it's always been in the back of my mind, but days passed, then months and, no surprises there due to crazy procrastination powers I managed to sit on my laurels for this project. :( 

BUT remember what I said about increasing my accountability and hence seeing projects through by working with other people (read my brually honest entry if you haven't!)? In this case it has worked beautifully, and finally I have at least STARTED! To start is half the battle won, to me. :)

Of course, I'll have to thank Dan again (aka the one who inspired the afore-mentioned entry). He has this wonderful gift of getting people right for the job together and making things happen. I'm constantly learning from his go-getter attitude in life and business. :)

I want to thank Jet, Nas and Jack as well, for sparing the time and helping me in all the ways they did! Like being super patient when I do a NG take, holding lighting equipment at cramp-inducing angles, or squatting in front of me just out of the camera's view, to pass me the burger and cake stand (see photo above haha). 

Plus, I also want to thank Tofu for generously providing such a lovely filming location! I fell in love with so many of your furniture and various knick-knacks!

I've had the honour of filming for interviews and features by media, but last Sunday was a pretty different experience! 

While the media features usually had a show-and-tell segment, they were definitely not filming as intensely on the steps and materials/tools required. But of course, creating a detailed demonstration was the primary objective of the online tutorial shoot. And so, hours passed as I sat and sculpted in front of the camera, while at times twisting my hands in weird positions to 'favor the camera' (new filming lingo learnt from Nas! It means to show the camera what I'm doing and not block it, I think?). And then there were also different angles being shot, wide shots of me walking to the pasta machine, close-up shots of my fingers etc. 

And how can I forget my pretty shaky attempts at doing opening and closing clips for the tutorial. Guess it's pretty normal for people to speed through their script when they're nervous, but not only was I speaking like a bullet-train, I was also cutting lines out from the script at the same time subconsciously. That means my opening/closing speeches grew shorter and shorter with every take lol. 

To all would-be-buyers of the tutorial, please try not to laugh too hard at me. Well, we might be including some out-takes in the tutorial, so feel free to laugh at THAT. 

Also, no prizes for guessing what the first tutorial was about, I brought in the real deal and the heavy-ass cake stand. I also brought a miniature cake stand for the miniature burger! They looked so adorable together. :)

Phew, that's one long entry. 

Till next time! 
(I might be bringing pizza ;))

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Monday, June 3, 2013

A happy burger.

Over the weekend, I went for the first filming session for AiClay's Workshops to be put online! (Yes overseas subscribers, I have been listening to your requests! :)) 

It was a tiring 7 hours effort but I'm real thankful for the crew and my friend/mentor Daniel Lim for their time and encouragement during my NG scenes lol. I'll blog more about it soon, so stay tuned for that! It was really quite the experience. :)

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P.S This smiley face comprises of miniature burgers on a real burger, with the earphone jack accessory as the nose and a string for the mouth. No prizes for guessing what we were filming!