Saturday, June 22, 2013

Reporting from hazy skies.

Hello Singaporeans and the rest of the world! 

It has been a trying week for us of here here on the island. For those who aren't in the know, Singapore's air quality has plummeted past record-breaking levels and it's affecting everyone here.

AiClay isn't spared as well, so the little gingies and I are here to bring you an important announcement! 

This Sunday's Donut Workshop at Sculpture Square has been postponed until the air quality improves significantly, hopefully by July. 

However, Home Studio Workshops (HSW) are STILL available, so you're definitely welcome to come craft and hide from the haze with me in my humble abode. (My home studio will be fully air-conditioned to keep out the nasty haze.)

For HSW, dates and workshop content can be adjusted according to your preference and our schedules, so there's more flexibility! Even the prices are flexible! Check out for more information.

Lastly, let's all take good care of ourselves and pray hard for clear skies soon. 

P.S This Sunday's Donut Pendant workshop will be held at my home studio instead, and fees are at $65/pax specially for this workshop. If you're keen just email me at before 5pm today!

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