Saturday, August 21, 2010

A dollhouse.

Do you own a dollhouse?

Or did you used to, but it's now abandoned and packed away in a dusty old box? Or given to a younger relative. Or maybe chucked away since long ago.

 When I was still in my primary school years, my parents would bring me to Toys R Us on special days, and I would always head straight for the Sylvanian family section. Such a stubborn little girl I was, as I didn't want to waste any time playing with other toys. I was in awe of the little animal families, complete with their houses, furniture and clothing. 

During one of the major school examinations, I did particularly well and my mommy promised me a present. Guess what I chose. A Sylvanian dollhouse of course! I was all smiles on the car ride home, the tiny me sitting beside the huge box.

Today, that same dollhouse (well-played with and much dustier) still sits in my room. 

The one pictured below, is not that. But it's my adult dollhouse, if I may say so. :)
I bought it from the lovely Whims for my birthday this year, and it is actually my first actual online splurge.

It is a dollhouse for a dollhouse, and fits comfortably in my palm.

and extremely pretty!

And I was so delighted when I realised that Whims included an itsy bitsy grandfather clock! 
(sorry for the slight off-focus, it is really too tiny!)

Whimsy's works are extraordinary, just like her customer service. I was throughly impressed. :) 
Thank you, Whims!

Please visit her site for more of her works - Whimsy Cottage Minis

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

all about the chocolate chunks.

First it was tarts, now it seems like I can't get away from them chocolate chunk cookies. :)

A few weeks ago, I baked a batch of CCC for a colleague who was leaving. And somewhere during the sifting of flour and cutting of chocolate chunks, a small (no pun intended!) voice was screaming "mini cookies!". So while the dollops of cookie dough were baking and heavenly smells were wafting from the oven, I settled down for some miniature baking.

Side-note: I keep slipping into writing 'chocolate chip cookie' instead! Darn, so much for wanting to be particular about chunks/chips.
When the real cookies were all baked, I grabbed them and arranged them in pretty little bags, to give away to the said colleague, the boy, and to share with the rest of my colleagues. We have a little shelf at the back of my department where anybody can drop off food from trips, self-baked, or bought, to share. And then you send out a mass email to tell everyone about the new addition. :)

It's a pretty sweet office culture.

About these miniature cookies, if anybody noticed, it's quite different from the last batch. While munching on my what, hundredth cookie, it dawned on me that the chocolate chips did not sit bare on cookies like the way I made them previously. Instead, they are often hidden partially or fully under the biscuit. And so I tweaked the way I sculpted these. Hopefully you'll find them more realistic! :)

Cookie accessories have been sitting on my to-do list forever, and finally I've gotten down to having some in my shop!

I really need a ear/hand/neck model for AiClay's accessories. I remember in the past, when I was at my wits' end, I actually used a magazine page with a model's head on it, and displayed my earrings on them.

:( That was one desperate attempt.  

Grab your pair (bitten) over here!

If you're wondering why don't I just use my own ears, well simply put, it's just too damn hard! It's an extremely awkward angle when I try photographing my own ears since they're on either sides of my eyes (i hope yours is too) which makes it tough to look at the viewfinder/screen and press the shutter at the same time.

I hope you will like the new photo layouts, I've been wanting to show bigger photos for a long time now! :)