Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cartoon customization requests!

I've been receiving so many cartoon customization requests recently. Here they are! (also includes a pair of really cute tortoises, but I can't post up the photos as requested by buyer. they were really cute though! :))

Custom item: Domo

This adorable brown monster has fierce-looking teeth, but his eyes betray his sweet nature. :)

Custom Item: Keroro

This green frog is just so quirky, with his golden helmet and humongous eyes. I did slave over this for many many hours though due to the positioning of the hands and legs.

Baby orange sundae: SOLD

Attached to a gold keychain. I think the gold goes really well with the orange! :)

lookie, it's all packaged nicely and ready to be mailed today!

That's it for now! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Orange Sundae

A dollop of zesty orange ice cream served in a simple white bowl.

Drizzle of warm chocolate on the icy cream and a generous sprinkle of roasted nuts adds much crunch to the dessert.

A choc biscuit stick is placed on top of the fluffy white cream, with a fresh orange slice.

Oh, and the name is called baby orange sundae because of the teeny weeny size, look at how it's perched on my index finger in the first photo!

I wanted to wait until I've got a whole series of ice creams made before I posted the photos, but I couldn't contain the urge to share this! :)

This baby orange sundae can be attached to various accessories (earrings, necklace charm, handphone straps etc).

I accept customisation orders (name those baby flavours you'll like to see!). :)

This baby orange ice cream is made entirely by me, and all photos are painstakingly taken by me too. So do ask for permission if you want to use them. :)

Email me at for any enquiries!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm really sorry for posting such a title, especially to those of you who don't know him. Let me explain before you jump to conclusions! :p

Hardgay is the name of a pretty famous Japanese youtube star, just Google him for photos!

This is a custom-made item for my friend's boyfriend, who's a huge fan of him! :)

Custom Item: Hard Gay!

Botak Hard Gay! -giggles. I think the real Hard Gay is really bald too.

He may look tough, but this little guy is really a dear. Look at how much tinier he is than my hand! And my hand is already pretty small to begin with!

I totally dig his shiny leatherish-looking cap. The tiny metal beads I painstakingly embedded really completed the grunge rocker look! :)

-love, joce.