Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cartoon customization requests!

I've been receiving so many cartoon customization requests recently. Here they are! (also includes a pair of really cute tortoises, but I can't post up the photos as requested by buyer. they were really cute though! :))

Custom item: Domo

This adorable brown monster has fierce-looking teeth, but his eyes betray his sweet nature. :)

Custom Item: Keroro

This green frog is just so quirky, with his golden helmet and humongous eyes. I did slave over this for many many hours though due to the positioning of the hands and legs.

Baby orange sundae: SOLD

Attached to a gold keychain. I think the gold goes really well with the orange! :)

lookie, it's all packaged nicely and ready to be mailed today!

That's it for now! :)

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