Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm really sorry for posting such a title, especially to those of you who don't know him. Let me explain before you jump to conclusions! :p

Hardgay is the name of a pretty famous Japanese youtube star, just Google him for photos!

This is a custom-made item for my friend's boyfriend, who's a huge fan of him! :)

Custom Item: Hard Gay!

Botak Hard Gay! -giggles. I think the real Hard Gay is really bald too.

He may look tough, but this little guy is really a dear. Look at how much tinier he is than my hand! And my hand is already pretty small to begin with!

I totally dig his shiny leatherish-looking cap. The tiny metal beads I painstakingly embedded really completed the grunge rocker look! :)

-love, joce.

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