Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chocolate bears and monster pancake.

Bears go growl. Chocolate bears too. :)

Miniature chocolate bears handsculpted by me. They come in white and milk chocolate.
These were so fun to make, though super tiny. :)

Part of the collaboration with Dragon Nest SEA , here are some morning pancakes with a side of syrup and some hot tea. Of course it also features their game characters. :) 

On another note, you can now view the episode of Behind this Door with AiClay! I'm on Episode 3, just after the segment on the DJ. 

P.S Do note that you'll require a paid Toggle account to view the episode, it's a bummer I know. :(

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The smallest burger in the world!

Everyone has had a burger before, but the chance to make A BURGER WHICH ISN'T MUCH BIGGER THAN YOUR THUMB doesn't come by easily! 

Making miniature burgers is one of the highly-requested-for workshop, and I'm so pleased to finally hold a 
workshop making burgers! AND, we're going to make it into a earphone plug, which you can insert into your phone and show off your burger love! ♥

(that's a phone I'm holding by the way.)

Saturday 27th April. 3.30pm to 6.30pm. 

Come join me for a crafty afternoon making a little burger! :)

Email me at to register, fastest fingers first as there are only A FEW SEATS left! Quick!

*Bring a friend promotion still applies, so grab a friend (or two) to come along!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The story behind these hands.

For Singaporeans, I believe all of you should recognise the machine pictured below.
For the rest, this photo you see here is of an ATM of a pretty popular bank here. And they have machines EVERYWHERE island-wide.

AND in that upper right hand corner, is a photo demonstrating how to use the machine..

And those are my hands. Yes, mine. 

Now let me backtrack a bit and explain how this all happened.

Earlier in the year, I received an email asking me if I would like to be a hand model in a project. Apparently someone at the company follow AiClay and noticed my hands as I was always using them as reference pictures in the photos of my works. I was so surprised and tickled that I actually got a hand model job due to my photos, and I agreed to the project because.. why not! 

Side-note: I always have to photoshop my hands on AiClay photos by the way, because I have moles on them. I clarified this with the company, that urmm my hands aren't really flawless. But they were okay with this, and still took me on for the project, go figure!

This is a photo I managed to snap during the few hours of travelling around Singapore shooting at various machines. There was a whole team of 5 people just shooting my hands, pretty amazing since I only expected ONE photographer maybe. It wasn't super easy to pose for these photos, since there were quite a few requirements that you wouldn't even think of! Like how my fingers should rest naturally, and how I can't block the numbers on the keypad, etc.

I didn't manage to take any more photos because well, my hands were busy! Ha..ha. ;)

So it took a few months for the photos to appear on the machines, and now you really can see my hands everywhere now! Though nobody really notices these little demonstration photos on the machines, but it's still quite cool. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Roast meat noodles - with a Dragon Nest twist.

This was made as part of the collaboration between Dragon Nest and AiClay. 

Players should be able to recognise the various characters infused in the food - like the tofu in the soup, the egg yolk etc. :) The hardest element to make was actually.. (make a guess!)

It was the cucumber slices. It took me pretty long to conceptualise and imagine cucumbers in the shape of the game character, guess I haven't seen much of cucumber slices cut in cute figures in real life.

Everything is handmade by me, and yes even the little chopsticks!