Thursday, February 28, 2013

Miniature fruit pendants!

I received a commission from US a few weeks ago for some apple pendants for Teachers' Day.
That made me google for dates and turns out different countries celebrate Teachers' Day on different days! I learn something new everyday.

Decided to take a quick photo of the miniature fruit pendants - there's the green and red apples and a mandarin orange. 

AND Taro the puppy just photobombing there. ;)


An announcement, I'll be on holiday from tomorrow till 7th March. 
I'll still try to get a connection if I can and get back to emails, but for shop orders they will be tended to when I'm back! Thanks for your patience lovelies. ♥

AND there are still slots left for the Donut Necklace Workshop on 16th March Saturday! 
Email me ASAP if you would want a slot (or two!).

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My mom has out-takes!

Remember THIS happened in September last year?
Now the trailer's finally out, along with some funny out-takes! The program's called Behind This Door, featuring interesting hobbies and lives in Singapore. It'll be on the Toggle website for a while before it gets rolled out on television. I'm at Episode 3.

Check it out to see my mom opening and closing the door for 13 times (!!!) and a sneak peek of my miniature gingerbread-in-making!

Note that the full episode will only be released on 15th March 2013, so check back in then!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make your own Donut Necklace!

Here's the latest! 
The Donut Necklace Workshop is now postponed to Saturday, 16th March 2013!

More details shown in poster below.
 Register ASAP by emailing to ♥

This crafting project is wonderful for those who are first-timers in making miniature food
The donuts will be bigger and easier to work with compared to the regular miniature food, but still, you don't miss the fun in experimenting as you make your own decorations for the donut!

Hope to see you there on 16th March, join me for an afternoon of crafting! ♥

Sunday, February 10, 2013

新年快乐 { miniature mandarin oranges }

Pretty exciting days ahead for us Chinese all over the world!
It is Chu Xi today, which is the last day before the Chinese New Year (fyi, Year of the Snake is coming!). So it's customary for us to bring pairs of mandarin oranges and present them to elders with CNY greetings on the first day of CNY, and receive angbaos in return.

Hence, here are some miniature mandarin oranges I've handsculpted.

Here's wishing all of you celebrating..

Happy Chinese New Year! ♥

 *P.S The donut pendant workshop still has slots left, would you like to sign up? ♥ Details in workshop poster found here -