Thursday, February 28, 2013

Miniature fruit pendants!

I received a commission from US a few weeks ago for some apple pendants for Teachers' Day.
That made me google for dates and turns out different countries celebrate Teachers' Day on different days! I learn something new everyday.

Decided to take a quick photo of the miniature fruit pendants - there's the green and red apples and a mandarin orange. 

AND Taro the puppy just photobombing there. ;)


An announcement, I'll be on holiday from tomorrow till 7th March. 
I'll still try to get a connection if I can and get back to emails, but for shop orders they will be tended to when I'm back! Thanks for your patience lovelies. ♥

AND there are still slots left for the Donut Necklace Workshop on 16th March Saturday! 
Email me ASAP if you would want a slot (or two!).

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