Monday, February 23, 2009

Sorry for the lack in updates!

Sorry for the lack in updates!

My laptop has been down for the past week, and now that I've finally gotten hold of a loaned one, let me post some photos to whet your appetite (for tiny gifts that is)! :)

After the V-day craze, I started tending to the orders that were for birthdays, anniversaries, or just lovely spontaneous surprises. :)

Now guys, here's a hint. Girls TOTALLY dig the feeling of being pampered with such treats to remind her how she's always on your mind, so quick get down to emailing me!

'Betty' Donut earrings

Pink and white icing drops on a rich dark chocolate frosting,
with a sweet pink sugar heart at the center.

I've named this collection after Betty, the wholesome cutie pie characterin Archie comics. :)

The donuts are attached to hook earrings as shown in picture. I can also attach them to stud/stick earrings, so just notify me in the email! :)

 'Betty' Donut necklace charm

Hearts and sugar drops in adorable shades of pink and white, adorning the chocolate glazed donut.

Customisation designs (e.g. sprinkles to be in letters of a name/heart-shapes, or change in colour of frosting/base etc) can be worked out, just email me! :) This will be subject to additional charges.

Custom Items

Custom Item: Acorn with l.o.v.e
This is held by a squirrel which is still in the making, hence no squirrel photos yet. :) But the acorn looks really cute by itself already. :)

Will look awesome as a necklace charm, email me if you're interested in getting a tiny acorn for yourself! :)

Custom Item: Firefly
Sweet little firefly with a speck of shiny yellow light beaming on his bottom.

Sometimes the tinier one is, the more precious it gets.

Custom Item: Hippo with rose stalk
The hippo won too many hearts over, so here's another one. This time, it's proudly carrying a bright red rose stalk.

That's all for now. :)

Email me at with your orders now!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cookie monster

Custom item : Cookie monster

This blue Sesame Street character is a huge favourite with many, and especially for my dear friend Daphne and her boy Harris. :)

Sucha cute way to proclaim your love on Valentine's, and he won't ever forget it with it screaming out the declaration of affection, hanging off a bag. :)

Email me to receive your own customised item! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to School

Finally I've got the time to update this space before I head off to classes!

Custom Item: Sketchbook with pencil

Check out those perfectly aligned mini silver binder-rings!
This piece was so delicate and it took quite a lot of concentration and time, but it turned out looking really cute. :)

Custom Item: Microphone

For the friend who goes emo with you at karaoke lounges, or the one who hogs the microphone and wouldn't let go. :)

Precious in Pastel

Custom Item: Piggy with teapot

This sweet piggy comes in an adorable baby purple, and holds an equally precious teeny-weeny teapot.

The tiny heart on the tip of its curly tail.

Sparkling gem on mini teapot.

A generous whipped strawberry frosting adorns this cupcake, with vanilla sprinkles. OH, and a bright red cherry to top it off.


Customisation designs (e.g. sprinkles to be in letters of a name/heart-shapes, or change in colour of frosting/base etc) can be worked out, just email me! :)
This will be subject to additional charges.

Sprinkling of vanilla drops, and a chocolate heart for each donut.
These look so adorable on the ears that I'm keeping one pair for myself. :)

An awesome conversation starter! :)
Great for going to parties.

Similarly, customisation designs (e.g. sprinkles to be in heart-shapes, or change in colour of frosting/base etc) can be worked out, just email me! :)
This will be subject to additional charges.
Email me if you wanna make them yours!

END. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009


NOTE: Every AiClay purchase now comes with standard packaging (included in Shipping & Handling), thus making this entry invalid.

Everyday, this little clay business of mine is steadily expanding and I have to constantly replenish inventory like accessories, clay etc. Last weekend saw me foraging around many shops for the best products for my customers, and I came upon some great buys.

Prepare to be spoilt with more packaging choices for your clay gifts! :)
Click on pictures to enlarge.



The powder blue box nests clay figures of height 3-4cm beautifully.
Perfect for gifts.


These jewelry giftboxes are smaller than the figurine boxes, and have a black inner foam, allowing for perfect displaying of keychains, hp-straps, earrings, rings and necklaces! :)

The organza bags show off the clay-pieces through its sheer material,
and adds a sprinkle of sweetness to the clay-pieces.

Do indicate your choice of packaging according to names of boxes/organza bag in your email! :)

Shall update soon again! :)
Thank you for the support.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hearts and Swirls

Each pair of 'hearts and swirls' earrings (silver stick earrings) is 100% handmade, especially created for the season of love right ahead.

They come in orange, blue and purple, and are limited to only two pairs per colour. Each heart measure approximately at a delicate 1cm height:1cm width.

Email me at before they're all snapped up! :)

Custom Item: Bunny earrings

Those pink noses.

These bunny heads measure at a length of 1.5cm and look awesomely cute dangling from your ears.

Custom item: Bed of roses with initials.

The photo doesn't do the precious baby blue and pink roses any justice. This piece is so much prettier in real life, and would look great as a necklace charm too. It measures at a height of 1.5cm and width of 2cm.

Breather needed.

Email me for 'Hearts and Swirls'! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Albeit all the mandarin-oranges frenzy, late night poker games, and list of customised clay-pieces to finish, I have been itching to work on some ideas that haven't been (and probably wouldn't be) requested for.
Wouldn't reveal what they are yet, but for those looking for awesomely unique earrings/pendants/charms either as presents or to call your own,
you absolutely HAVE to bookmark this blog. :)

I'll post photos as soon as I get down to work on them. :)
And they'll be available for sale (WITH prices listed so that you no longer have to wait for a quotation!) in extremely limited stock!
-brimming with excitement.