Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hearts and Swirls

Each pair of 'hearts and swirls' earrings (silver stick earrings) is 100% handmade, especially created for the season of love right ahead.

They come in orange, blue and purple, and are limited to only two pairs per colour. Each heart measure approximately at a delicate 1cm height:1cm width.

Email me at before they're all snapped up! :)

Custom Item: Bunny earrings

Those pink noses.

These bunny heads measure at a length of 1.5cm and look awesomely cute dangling from your ears.

Custom item: Bed of roses with initials.

The photo doesn't do the precious baby blue and pink roses any justice. This piece is so much prettier in real life, and would look great as a necklace charm too. It measures at a height of 1.5cm and width of 2cm.

Breather needed.

Email me for 'Hearts and Swirls'! :)

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