Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July is for workshops.

Popping in for a quick shout out, to those who have been waiting for a chance to create food miniatures! I have three workshops arranged this July (there was four but the nyonya kueh workshop has sold out!), for you to come join in the crafting fun.

Please check out more details at

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nyonya Come-back!

I know I know, it's unforgivable that I've taken such a looooooong break from my blog! It's been, what 4 months since I blogged in here?

-looks down in shame. 

Sincere apologies to everyone who's been checking in here for updates, the break is unintentional and I blame it all on the different social media outlets AiClay has hahaha. I've got a Facebook page, twitter handle, Instagram account, and even a Dayre account (microblogging). I don't want to regurgitate all identical content on the different platforms, which is why I've been perplexed on what to blog about.

But I think I've finally cleared my head on what content I should keep for my blog. So enough talking, let's see what I've been busy with the past few months!

So I finally made these little nyonya treats into earrings. I love the daintiness, yet strong pop of colour.

For those who aren't familiar with these desserts, they are angku kueh, ondeh ondeh and lapis sagu in order of pictures. :)

I eat this rainbow kueh by peeling them off layer by layer, and then rolling it up before popping into my mouth haha. I guess you can call me a systematic eater.

Right now, I'm waiting for Sheryl, my private workshop participant to arrive for her third lesson - we're making cupcakes today! Cupcake earrings to be exact. The past few lessons have been really enjoyable crafting with her and sharing my techniques and tips with her, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the workshops as well! She signed up for a series of 10 workshops, and you can too! Over here at The private workshops are heavily discounted if you buy 10 slots, up to 50%! Heavily recommended by me hehe.

I'll be back here soon, in the meantime do follow me on the rest of my social media platforms to stay updated! :)