Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some pink eggs.

Polkadots. Simple, plain dots. 

That was what I decided to paint on the rest of the miniature Easter eggs.

Have to admit that this was a rather hastily-put together piece of work, as I spent too much time on the (fail) Easter egg with the swirls (look at photo before this) and it was getting closer to Easter weekend by the day. Just look what I had to use to fill up the mini table together with the basket of Easter eggs, Christmas decorations lol.

I hope you still like it though. :)

To everyone celebrating, happy Easter
To everyone else, hope you enjoyed the extra day of holiday! ♥

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A fail easter egg.

So this is not your usual spring poster. 

And, it was quite a fail as well. I liked the egg the whole process of painting it blue, doodling the design, and then I absolutely HATED it when I started filling in the doodles.

I contemplated not putting up the last photo of the painted egg, but I decided I wanted to share even my failed works with you. It was my first time painting with acrylic paint on polymer clay, and it was pretty darn hard. It dried too quickly, was impossible to mix the exact same shade again, and I had a crappy paintbrush.

Finally, I decided to paint this instead.. (watch out for next photo!) :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm awkward and here are some macarons.

Oh wow, my heart is bursting with joy when the comments for the previous entry started rolling in. How sweet are you guys, really! ♥ Totally affirmed my decision to continue blogging and sharing my works. :)


Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to work with 3 different filming teams, who had approached me to feature AiClay and my "interesting job". 

One of the filming team was from for the program Meet the Young Bosses, and wow that was a crazy quick filming session! It took no more than 2 hours for the interview and show-and-tell, and even post-filming editing was quick because THE EPISODE IS HERE!

So here you go -
You can also click on the other icon just below the video to view another part of the episode. :)

I was supposed to speak in Chinese but found myself slipping back into English very often, and oh my how I cringed at all of my awkward pauses and stumbling over words. And please don't take whatever I said seriously, because I was simply blabbering anything that came to mind.

Would love it if you guys would put in your after-thoughts in the column below the video as well! ♥ As you can see I did some shameless advertising in the comments as I realised my URL wasn't that obvious in the write-up. ;)

For the next photo, do this little imagining exercise with me. 

Stare at the smallest macaron shell in the first photo. Before you move on to the next photo, imagine how small it would be using your finger as reference. Then go on to the next photo to check if they were as small as you imagined them to be.

Don't cheat before you move on to the next photo! -wags finger.

So, how did it go? 
Let me know in the comments if the real deal was smaller/bigger than you expected! ♥

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Noodles and Strawberries.

I'm sorry for the neglect, dear blog.

I gotta be honest, I got a tad disheartened by the lack of feedback I get on the blog as compared to AiClay's facebook page, and started using the latter to share my works instead. But yesterday, I chanced upon a comment (drats I can't remember where I read it), but it was about how she loved reading my blog and my heart just swelled with warmth.

So here I am, maybe it's more troublesome to leave comments on blog entries, or maybe there are really fewer people reading this. BUT it's okay, even if there's just ONE reader returning to this blog, I'm gonna keep it going.

Let's celebrate the revival of this blog with something very Asian and true to my heritage. Noodles, or 麵. 

It took me darn long to roll these strands of noodles out to the thickness I wanted and for them to be uniform. At least, it was fun assembling them on the plate.

This was for the collaboration between Dragon Nest and AiClay. Which is also the main topic for the last day of filming next Monday! I can't wait for 'it's a wrap!'. Maybe I should celebrate THAT by making a miniature sandwich wrap. -distracted.

Here we've got a miniature strawberry tart I sculpted during Show and Tell for the filming. Can't wait to see how the videographer filmed the segment when I was poking the little holes in the strawberries, the camera zoomed in pretty close to me that I knew.

Just a sneak peek at behind the scenes of filming. I promised the filmat360 team I wouldn't leak out too much, so this is all I can share.

This week will be my birthday weekend, so I'm hoping for an awesome one. Happy birthday to any March babies as well! ♥ Till next time!