Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Mr Beedobeedo.

And so the minions said, from the bottom of their hearts. 

P.S The very first family of minions have made their way safely to their adopter!  Thank you everyone for your kind patience for this project, I'll be dropping you a tracking number once your package is out (4-6 weeks from date of payment). Only ten left for adoption.


Mr Beedobeedo, meet the people. People, Mr Beedobeedo. 

It's been almost exactly one month since the launch of the Little-Minions-Save-the-World Project, and I have just one last little minion to show you guys. 

Equipped with loudspeakers and a set of siren headphones, he comes with a heftier price tag. $99*/fellow or additional $20 if you purchase him together with his family of 5. 
Email me at buzz@aiclay.com :)

*Similarly for each adoption of Mr Beedobeedo, $5 will be donated to Hope Dog Rescue, an animal rescue group based in Singapore.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Featured on ST . Minion Project Update

Quite a few updates since the last time I blogged. So here goes.

By the way, I've planned for miniature food workshops all the way till November, you can find the workshop schedule here. Most of them are all held at my home studio, which has been revamped and is now suited for bigger groups crafting together! :) 

The Macaron Workshop happening this Saturday is already full, and registration slots for the rest of the workshops are being snapped up as we speak, so please email me quick at buzz@aiclay.com! :) 

Lastly, AiClay was featured on The Straits Times last Friday, hooray! Along with my recipe for a miniature burger which unfortunately I had to blur out.

I really have got to find a way (and the time!) to frame and display these newspaper articles, instead of just stuffing them in a file and getting ugly creases everywhere. :(

We're also entering the last phase of the Minion Project, and my workspace is gradually transforming into a factory of these little yellow guys. The first batch of minions would be sent out end of this week! The current count of the minions adopted is FORTY, and there are 10 more to be adopted only! Final countdown yo, you adopted one yet?

(photo updates taken from my instagram. Join me there! :))

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to one of my most supportive customer thus far (you know who you are!). He has been absolutely amazing in supporting my miniature food works and the Minion Project, and get this, he even transferred additional funds to AiClay for FUTURE PURCHASES. I was totally blown away by this gesture. It's not about the money, but more that he really trusted in the standard of my works that he knew there was more he wanted to add in the collection despite not even seeing them yet. -beaming widely. Too flattered, and THANK YOU. :) I'll keep working hard at AiClay because of lovely customers like you. 

I shall end off with another photo of the Minion Project, making these tiny rainbow whistles were pretty addictive! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekends are rest days.

Monday is swinging by again. A week flashes by really quickly now, especially with my schedule piling up now. 

Here's a photo of a miniature cheeseburger meal I packed up for a customer all the way in United States a while back. Speaking of United States, have I mentioned that I'll be heading to New York this December? If there are any of you who lives there or around the area (I might be travelling outside of NY too), please give me some suggestions on where to go and what to see as it'll be my first trip to US! :) 

I'll also like to make some gentle clarifications. 

Over the weekend, I've been receiving plenty of mails about orders, adopting minions, workshops etc. Please understand that I'll have to keep weekends free of work as this is my full time business and I don't think it'll be very healthy for me to stick my head in AiClay matters 24/7. Therefore, do allow me 1 or 2 working days (weekdays only) to reply your mails, while I'll still try to answer to them during the weekends. 

Now back to replying your mails!