Wednesday, August 19, 2009

waffles and ice cream cones

At every ice cream parlour, they often offer you a choice of either having the ice cream in a paper cup, or in a cone. and i make sure i ALWAYS pick the latter.

without a moment of hesitation too. :P

well there's a number of reasons why i do that.

firstly, both choices are the same price, so why would i pick something that i can't eat as opposed to the cone? secondly, after licking up all that gooey sweet messy ice cream, its a real treat to crunch down on a well-toasted, delicious-smelling biscuit. :)

i've got to say, the man/woman who first paired ice cream with biscuits, and came up with the ingenious conical edible container that ice cream cones are, i applaud you! :)

plain ice cream cones, made with polymer clay by me. measuring at 1.3cm long and 0.5cm wide.

but i could pop a zillion of these 12th scale ones, and i'll never even taste the goodness in them! :P

next up, a more costly sidekick of ice cream, waffles!

since i've already waxed lyrical about ice cream cones, let's be fair to waffles too eh. haha.

i've always been kinda proud about my way of eating ice cream with waffles (i think it's not very innovative though).

i used to feel that it was a messy affair to balance ice cream on top of the piping waffles, and it was just awkward eating ice cream with a knife and fork (which is how the waffle cafes in singapore serve the dish with).

well that was UNTIL..

i discovered there's a much easier (and very delicious) way to eat ice cream with waffles.

for uninterested readers, you may ignore the chunk of paragraph below!

step 1: use knife and slide between ice cream and waffle, and place ice cream on plate away from waffle. this is to prevent the ice cream from melting due to the warm waffles.

step 2: use fork to break a tiny part of ice cream away.

step 3: put ice cream in one of the many craters of the waffle. smooth it over with fork/knife.

step 4: cut off that portion of the waffle. and DEVOUR! :)

plain waffles of various sizes and shapes, in 12th scale entirely made with polymer clay by me.

clover-shaped waffles, measuring at 1.4cm from end to end.

cut up round waffles, measuring at 0.5cm long and 0.8cm wide.

tissue-thin wafer biscuits, measuring at approximately 0.7cm long.

heart-shaped wafer, measuring at 1.3cm long and 1.4cm across.

alright, that's enough ranting about food for now. it isn't very healthy to blog about this in the late hours at night, and many complaints have come my way for causing rumbling stomachs when the sun has long set. :P

P.S. the waffles and ice creams will soon lose their stark naked glory, and be adorned with delish scoops of ice cream, frothy whipped cream, chocolate sauce.. okay that's another post for next time!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Cupboard-ful of goodies!

Let me apologise for the photo diarrhoea ahead first. :P
This is a showcase of some of my works, all arranged together in a miniature cupboard!

Miniature cupcake cases! Handmade by yours truly, with real baking sheets! :)

Hopefully some of you lovely frequent readers recognise the tarts, breads and cakes! :)

Some plates and bowls stacked away for future baking sessions! :)

And for a better idea of scale.

The cupboard measures at 12cm tall and 7cm wide.

Don't you wish you had a pastry cupboard like that too? I know I do! :P

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nigiri and Onigiri!

As promised for the Japanese food lovers, here are some basics of Japanese fare.

Salmon nigiri is a must for most when dining at sushi bars!

They measure at 0.5cm long.

Pictured here with three fat onigiris! A little fun fact, the Japanese often bring these out in their lunchboxes, as the salty filling is able to prevent the rice from spoiling even after it has cooled. :)

They measure at 1cm long! :)

Hopefully that will satiate some of you with Japanese food cravings now! :)

Do be patient for the arrival of my food jewellery collection which I am currently still hard at work at making. They would be for all of you who would love to wear miniature food (12 times smaller than your actual food!) around with you, and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't. :P Also, they would make unique gifts for friends and family, and I welcome anyone who wants a particular food item made into jewellery (rings, earrings, necklace/bracelet charms).

For dollhouse enthusiasts or collectors, do feel free to email me for quotes on pieces of any food item shown here on my blogshop, that you're interested in. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marbled Chocolate Tart

A drizzle of white chocolate over a rich base pour of dark chocolate, topped with a plump raspberry. They're pictured here with my previous creations - choc-cheese-crumbs. :)
Measuring at 1cm in diameter.

Something non-food for a change! :) Here are some handpainted jugs, made in 1:12 scale. The sunny floral ones measure 2cm in height and darker shade ones with golden lining measure 2.5cm in height.

i have to thank Marlie's wonderful instructions on making these jugs. :)

Anyone into sushi and japanese food? You don't wanna miss on the next post!! :P