Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nigiri and Onigiri!

As promised for the Japanese food lovers, here are some basics of Japanese fare.

Salmon nigiri is a must for most when dining at sushi bars!

They measure at 0.5cm long.

Pictured here with three fat onigiris! A little fun fact, the Japanese often bring these out in their lunchboxes, as the salty filling is able to prevent the rice from spoiling even after it has cooled. :)

They measure at 1cm long! :)

Hopefully that will satiate some of you with Japanese food cravings now! :)

Do be patient for the arrival of my food jewellery collection which I am currently still hard at work at making. They would be for all of you who would love to wear miniature food (12 times smaller than your actual food!) around with you, and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't. :P Also, they would make unique gifts for friends and family, and I welcome anyone who wants a particular food item made into jewellery (rings, earrings, necklace/bracelet charms).

For dollhouse enthusiasts or collectors, do feel free to email me for quotes on pieces of any food item shown here on my blogshop, that you're interested in. :)

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