Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunny side up.

It's a beautiful day.

A crack against the metal pan. The sizzle of the grease. Egg splattering on the hot surface.

A gentle twisting of the pan. Taking care not to break the yellow goodness and stain the egg whites. Concentrate.

Grab a fresh loaf of bread. Pop into toaster. 

Ding. Perfectly brown. Crusty edges.

Wooden spatula. Lift and slide. Marvel at culinary creation.

Resist urge to devour. Repeat as many times as there are hungry mouths.

An early bird chirping. Gather used kitchen tools. Throw in sink for later

Wake sleeping loved ones. Breakfast table. Laughter. Messy egg yolks dribbling. Washing up can wait.

It's a beautiful day. :)
Bring your sunny side out.

 A miniature toast measures at 1.1cm in average length.