Wednesday, April 6, 2016

First ever tea party in AiClay's studio!

Hello lovelies.

So much has happened since the last time I wrote in here. But that is a story for another day, because I have a lot of photos to share for a special day in AiClay history. ;)

Some pictures here are taken by my assistant Xinman. :)

I held my first ever tea party at AiClay's studio on 12 March 2016.

I made a collaboration request for bakers on my Instagram, and a few bakers responded generously! :) So I had the pleasure of working with Chu Sin of Chucakes and Kristal of Nest Bakery.


N E S T .  B A K E R Y

Kristal whipped up a whole table of petit bakes for the tea party! Thank you also for staying to hang out throughout the party as well. :)

The party attendees were really impressed with her bakes, and my personal favourite was the berry tart and choux pastry. YUMS.

Kristal will bring her tableware (with her tasty bakes of course!) and set up an entire dessert feast for your events and celebrations!

Snapped away randomly while Kristal was packing her plates and display wares at the end of the party.

Contact Kristal for her dessert tables by whatsapping her at 90258560, or email to 



Chu Sin created this lovely red velvet fondant cake, customised specially for AiClay! AWWW.

I told Chu Sin that I was going to wear a pink top and denim overalls, which is why she created the girl in the outfit to resemble me. But whoops I had a last minute change of mind and didn't wear the pink top. But just to let you guys know that you can request for details like these for your own cake!

A close up of the little fondant art she created. It was me sitting at a table laid out with some of my AiClay signature works, I'm impressed by her attention to detail!

I was really taken by the little apple with the heart bite, because that is really how my apple jewellery looks! Haha.

It was a challenge to cut the fondant cake though I must say! So what you need to do is to carefully remove each fondant piece (especially if you're planning to keep them for display), before cutting into the base cake.

I chose RED VELVET for the cake, but there are several mouthwatering flavours to choose from like Moist dark chocolate, Nutella, Bailey's irish cream, Salted caramel etc.

The figurine is so cute. ;)

Look, a tiny Pocket Kitchen! Now THIS can really fit into your pocket haha.

I saved the Ai one for myself heh heh.

Urhmmmmm. She's missing her feet after I detached the fondant from the cake. :(

The unavoidable carnage before cutting the cake. Those 'pocky sticks' are the table legs!

Chucakes' cakes start from $100 for a 7 inch one, very reasonable for the amount of work which is put into them, especially the sugarart detail!

Contact Chu Sin by whatsapping her at 90031050, or emailing her at 


Cakes and bakes are a vital part of celebrations, brighten up yours with lovely offerings by these two talented bakers - Chucakes / Nest Bakery 

Thank you both Chu Sin and Kristal for delivering your beautiful and tasty bakes at such a short notice!

If you're a baker or owns a bakery/cakery/F&B and would like to collaborate with AiClay, I'll love to hear it! Email me at with your ideas!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

THE BIG MOVE and making miniature CNY treats!

So a lot has happened from October 2015 till now.

The big move, it sounds like something which can be done over an intensive 24 hours, or maybe a few days. But it's been months of negotiation with contractors and estates people, looking for IDs, sorting out our collaboration contract (I'm collaborating with my friend's dance studio in this studio project!). 

But I can finally say that we will be opening our studio doors FOR REAL in another few weeks!

Previously, I held workshops in my home studio. There was so much more I wanted to do (like better chairs, bigger space) for all of you who joined me in workshops. however the limitations of a home studio made some improvements impossible.

But now that I've got my own studio outside of my home, both you and I now have a bigger and better place to craft in! HOORAY!

Some snaps of the draggy renovation process for the studio. 

The official opening of the studio will take place in late February, but I've decided to have a workshop even BEFORE that, so that I can be quicker than the Monkey (i.e have a workshop before the Year of the Monkey haha). It's a Chinese New Year content, which is why I want to hold that before the festivities kick in!

Which means that it'll be my very first workshop in MADDspace at Scape. And I really hope to have more of you there to join me in this momentous class!

Here are the workshop details, and registration is open as I type!

6th Feb 2016
Saturday 1pm-3.30pm
Held at AiClay's studio in MADDspace
(2 min walk from Somerset MRT)
2 Orchard Link #05-01
Singapore 237978

Fees/pax are $95, inclusive of materials, usage of tools and equipment. Also, light refreshments will be provided. 

Plus you get $5 off for you and your friend/s each if you bring a friend/s!

You will learn to make an assortment of miniature CNY treats, mandarin oranges, pineapple tarts and kueh lapis.

You'll get to work with a tiny mold for the pineapple tarts (just like when baking real-life tarts!), and learn how to roll and stack polymer clay from scratch to form the delicious kueh lapis. Also, you'll experience shaping and texturing to create realistic mandarin oranges.

Lastly, assemble your petite food with tiny angbaos on a wooden board to be made into a display, brooch or fridge magnet! 

Perfect for wearing out to go CNY house-visiting with, or when people come to your house and use your fridge! ♥ A sure way to stir up conversation. And to distract pesky relatives from asking you the same questions year after year.

Head here to register now!