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Delve into the amazing world of miniature food cooking! Come craft along with me, as I share tips and techniques I have learnt through the years. ♥

You will get to bring home your home-made miniature food, and all materials and usage of tools and equipment will be provided.

*Please note that the workshops are limited to age 10 years and above.

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P.S I have a dog at home, but if you're uncomfortable with dogs, don't worry he'll be kept away from my home studio. :)


This is what some of the participants reflected after the workshop.

Let's Make a Little Burger Workshop

"If you're someone hands-on and love your food, this workshop is something you should not miss! Be prepared to get amazed at your potential for craft." Deniece Tan 

"Very fun! Jocelyn was also very patient with the class and explained each step well. Hope there'll be more such workshops!" Isobel Tan

"I enjoyed myself during the 3-hour session. The experience is fulfilling and I managed to bring home a mini burger created by myself. " Amy To

"Absolutely fun and great experience! Never knew food sculpting can be so interesting and I learned a great deal about the materials and techniques. Definitely will be back to learn more and create my one and only in the world of food stuff." Jasmyn Lim

Miniature Basket of Bread Workshop

"This workshop is really interesting and fun! I'm really amazed by the details you can add to an item to make it look even more realistic.. Eye opener for me." Angie Ng

"Really appreciate this workshop. Like a deep breath from busy daily life. A breath, a step, discover my life, then start again! Thanks!" Cheng Shuya

"I really love this workshop. Initially I thought that this workshop is only suitable for girls, but I was wrong. The intricacy in the process of making each component does not only require patience but also flexible fingers and a passion for the craft. After the bake, the result that you get is simply awesome! " Deddy Setiadi

"..lesson is well-paced, easy to follow, good as a beginner course." Lee Chia Lin

"The instructor was nice and approachable, she was ready to help if there was any problems or questions. It aroused my interest in miniatures more." Lee Jaehyun

"Really liked how we were taught to create various textures for realism, relatively easy to follow the lesson." Clara Loh

"Great workshop! Lots of hard work and patience is put into making every single tiny details. But all the effort is worth it. It all looks so good, like it's edible." Jonathan Tui

"The instructions given were very clear, and gave a good step-by-step breakdown of what to do, plus helpful pointers on what to do and what not to do. It was also fun, just enough challenge for a beginner in this form of craft work. Highly recommended and enjoyable." Joelyn Koh

"The workshop was fun and enjoyable, the pace was perfect and the instructions given were very comprehensive. Would definitely introduce my friends and would come again for future workshops." Qiao Lin

"Eye opener! Everything we eat was reduced in size with our own hands. Amazed at how Jocelyn made use of simple materials as tools to mould the food. Instructions were clear, notes were given, presentation was great. Good job!" Amy Lee

  Rose Cupcake Pendant Workshop

"Thanks Jocelyn for organising this workshop! I'm sure my mother will like & appreciate what I've made for her today!" Patricia Wong

"It's interesting for me to try out something miniature. Instructions are clear and simple to do, looking forward to more different items to be made." Cindy Tan

"I love miniatures and have been dying to learn how it was done, naturally, with a purpose. This workshop was excellent for providing both opportunities. I managed to make something for my mother, learn a few tricks of shading for realism. It was very enjoyable and the steps were easy to understand. The fees for joining the workshop were also very reasonable, and I look forward to participating in other workshops as well!" Niki Cassandra