Monday, February 23, 2009

Sorry for the lack in updates!

Sorry for the lack in updates!

My laptop has been down for the past week, and now that I've finally gotten hold of a loaned one, let me post some photos to whet your appetite (for tiny gifts that is)! :)

After the V-day craze, I started tending to the orders that were for birthdays, anniversaries, or just lovely spontaneous surprises. :)

Now guys, here's a hint. Girls TOTALLY dig the feeling of being pampered with such treats to remind her how she's always on your mind, so quick get down to emailing me!

'Betty' Donut earrings

Pink and white icing drops on a rich dark chocolate frosting,
with a sweet pink sugar heart at the center.

I've named this collection after Betty, the wholesome cutie pie characterin Archie comics. :)

The donuts are attached to hook earrings as shown in picture. I can also attach them to stud/stick earrings, so just notify me in the email! :)

 'Betty' Donut necklace charm

Hearts and sugar drops in adorable shades of pink and white, adorning the chocolate glazed donut.

Customisation designs (e.g. sprinkles to be in letters of a name/heart-shapes, or change in colour of frosting/base etc) can be worked out, just email me! :) This will be subject to additional charges.

Custom Items

Custom Item: Acorn with l.o.v.e
This is held by a squirrel which is still in the making, hence no squirrel photos yet. :) But the acorn looks really cute by itself already. :)

Will look awesome as a necklace charm, email me if you're interested in getting a tiny acorn for yourself! :)

Custom Item: Firefly
Sweet little firefly with a speck of shiny yellow light beaming on his bottom.

Sometimes the tinier one is, the more precious it gets.

Custom Item: Hippo with rose stalk
The hippo won too many hearts over, so here's another one. This time, it's proudly carrying a bright red rose stalk.

That's all for now. :)

Email me at with your orders now!


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