Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Roast meat noodles - with a Dragon Nest twist.

This was made as part of the collaboration between Dragon Nest and AiClay. 

Players should be able to recognise the various characters infused in the food - like the tofu in the soup, the egg yolk etc. :) The hardest element to make was actually.. (make a guess!)

It was the cucumber slices. It took me pretty long to conceptualise and imagine cucumbers in the shape of the game character, guess I haven't seen much of cucumber slices cut in cute figures in real life.

Everything is handmade by me, and yes even the little chopsticks! 


  1. ~*Wonderful, wonderful work, Jocelyn!!!! :) You have done a masterful job!*~

  2. Miniaturowe cudo! :D Wygląda wspaniale. Pozdrawiam. :)