Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Iced Gem Biscuits & July Commissions!

Amazingly, the haze situation in Singapore seems to have improved sooner than expected! I still have a box of N95 masks which I preordered for my family but it seems like it might not come to use anymore, so hooray! 

-fingers crossed for clear skies.

The skies are still a dreary grey though, so allow me to brighten up your day with my newest work - Rainbow Iced Gem Biscuit on earrings!

They come in a splash of fun rainbow colours, all available for you to choose from! If you would like to have a different coloured biscuit on each earring, just let me know in the Note to Seller before you check out! ♥

(I also have a pastel edition to be introduced soon).

So these biscuits are a lot bigger than my previously sculpted iced gem biscuits.

Do allow me to interrupt my flow of pictures with a short announcement, commissions for the upcoming July are open! Limited to the first 4 confirmed commissions, more information in the tabs above.

Sorry I stopped opening commissions for a while because I was concentrating on my workshops. That's the trouble with being a one-woman show, something is always being neglected argh!

Okay commercial break over. Back to pictures!

Presenting to you, all 7 colours of the rainbow! Okay not exactly, I know white isn't on the rainbow. :/

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