Saturday, December 26, 2009

it keeps the doctor away.

or so they say. :P

Miniature fuji apples, entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

I know some of you have been waiting long for me to reveal my prize at TDA 2009.

Here's Ai. Crazily adorable right?

Head here to read more about her, and the entourage of pretty accessories she arrived with.

The apples are actually 1/12th miniature fuji apples, but in Ai's hands, they become 1/6th cherry apples.

When I won Ai, there were congratulations all round (though I bet there must be many in that room who wanted to just kill me and run off with the pink box too! haha).

And someone said, "Congrats! Welcome to our money-sucking hobby!"


I shall not let that come true! Ai will be my model for all 1/6th scale sculpts (yes, I'll definitely be sculpting more in that scale) now, so she will actually be earning for me for a start. :)

Happy boxing day everyone!

P.S Krabi is a lovely, lovely place.


  1. welcome back! i see the new pastels are working great for you :)

  2. hi Cindy! i didn't use the new pastels (they faded like the old ones BAHHHH humbug), so I used acrylic paint like you suggested. and it worked great! should have resorted to that lonnnggg ago and saved me some grey hairs. haha!

  3. Those are insane!!! They look so real. AMAZING!

  4. totally agree. love those apples joce!

  5. thank you audrey!! :) and what a cute avatar, totally apt for this season. :)

    and ROSSIEPOO (at least i hope it's you), hellooooo!! and thankew ah! :P

  6. These are so wonderful!! They look SO real!!

  7. aww thank you Alexa! :) btw do you have a blog too? :) i saw some of your flickr photos, and so beautiful! :)

  8. welcome back! glad to see that you enjoy your holiday!