Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa likes his chocolate chip cookies.

It is a well-known secret, well that Santa likes chocolate in his cookies.

Honestly! It's said that you get better presents (those that are hidden away in his special sack for clever kids who leave out chocolate chip cookies) in your christmas socks that way.

It might be fun to piss Santa off this year, by putting out a miniature plate of miniature INEDIBLE chocolate chip cookies. hahaha! -evil laugh.

Might earn me a whole sockful of soot, and fresh reindeer snot. :P

Why are there so many trays of cookies, Jocelyn? All the better to tease more Santas with! :)

I'm sorry guys, I think this has been a pretty annoying entry.

And I might have offended a jolly fat man in the North, shaking his belly like a bowl full of jelly.
(skip to 4:08, one of my well-loved lines from Chandler in Friends!)



  1. Jocelyn, I don't remember if I told you this, but the texture on your cookies is banging!!!

  2. Or, on the other hand, if his reindeer is like my dog he'll eat ANYTHING - even if it isn't edible, and you won't have a pissed off santa on your hands anymore! He wouldn't know they weren't edible because Rudolph totally ate them all!

    And i'm so impressed by your mini baking pans - those are so, so adorable!

  3. Kiva, i'm always very flattered when you compliment my works, i mean like your works are like WOAHH, and and.. okay i'm flabbergasted. haha. thank you!!

    Tiff! hahah that's so cute! and i like how you reasoned that one out. :) can just imagine Rudolph chewing on them while an unknowing Santa unloads his sack. :) and the mini baking pans are bought! mail me if you would like to know where to get them! :)

  4. Not an annoying post at all- A very cute one! If anything mean... You weren't just teasing Santa, you were making me hungry! ;)

    Your little cookies are sooooooo wonderful. I like how they have chocolate chunks instead of chips. Vert cute!

  5. hehh alexa! aww you're sweet! and I baked my chocolate chip cookies with choc chunks as well, instead of chips. Turned out pretty tasty, so why not do the same in miniature! :)