Sunday, January 25, 2009

What to include in email and Prices

What do I have to include in the email to you?

  • Include your name (if I don't know you yet), so that I have a way of addressing you. :)
  • Provide a description and rough size of the object you'll like me to craft. (indicate any specific preferences for colours/poses)
  • Include details of any added items you'll like (e.g. a basket for the object to hold), text/messages, accessories (Small magnet, Big magnet, Spring, Key-chain, Hook earrings, Stick Earrings, Handphone strap, Breastpin/Badge)
  • State the date you will like the clay-piece to be mailed by and shipping address.
  • SEND THE EMAIL to! and in no more than 3 days, you will receive a confirmation email or a follow-up mail from me. :)

I hope this clears up some of the doubts.

If not, just email me k! :)


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