Friday, January 23, 2009


Truly flattered with the orders that streamed in after the last blog entry! :)

And so, I realised I was short of so many things, and I went on a solo shopping spree entirely for clay materials and accessories.

For those of you who have been asking what could the clay pieces be used for, here it is.

The 8 items (shown in photo below) could be attached to the clay piece - Small magnet, Big magnet, Spring (which can be placed on the dashboard of your car), Key-chain, Hook earrings, Stick Earrings, Handphone strap, Breastpin/Badge.

Here is a close-up of the hook earrings (on the left), and stick earrings (on the right). Usually the hook earrings will be used for clay pieces which are more 3D and more bulky. The stick earrings will be used for flatter and smaller pieces.

I also picked up some Swarovski gems, and they're all so precious and gorgeous! They can be attached to the clay piece, to give the piece a touch of dazzle. :)

The gems are made of Swarovski crystals, and are made in Austria and imported from Japan.

There are 2 different categories of prices for this collection of gems.
Firstly, this group of gems cost 50cents each.

These are all the colours and sizes of the gems.

To make it clearer which gem you are choosing, please follow this chart. For the top row, first gem from the left (blue-green), it will be labelled as 1A. The second gem from the left on the top row (pink) will be labelled as 1B, and respectively for the rest of the gems. The first gem from the left on the second row (big blue) will be labelled as 2A, the second gem from the left on the second row (small blue) will be labelled as 2B. The same goes for the last row.

The second collection of gems (photos below) shows the 5 gems which cost $2 each. The 2 smaller pink gems are placed in the photo just to show the relative sizes of the gems, and they belong to the first collection (50cents each).

To indicate which one you want (for the $2 gems), gems in the first photo will be labelled as A (the thinner gem on the most left), and B for the other two gems (these two are actually the exact same size and color).

For gems in the second photo, do indicate them as silver-ringed or gold-ringed.

Alright, this is all for now. Happy shopping, and do email me with any queries! :)

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